Short Story #1

Written by Manon


I hadn’t noticed she was blind. Even though some of my sources had told me it wasn’t a rumour. I still didn’t believe it. There are no blind princesses. And if there was one, we should have known about her. Right? But this is probably why the kingdom has kept her a secret for over 18 years. No one is expecting a blind princess to be able to rule a kingdom. A princess, sure. But a blind one?

It might sound weird, but standing in the princess her room at this very moment, I didn’t feel like an intruder. It almost felt like she was welcoming the change of air. I hesitated for a moment. Thinking if this was the right thing to do, because she looked like she belonged here. Sitting in her bedroom, blinds shut tight and artificial light illuminating her face, making her red hair look vivid against her pale skin. If anyone would see her skin right now, they would probably compare it with milk, but I would describe it as almost translucent. I can’t imagine the last time she was exposed to direct sunlight. There was a loud bang that made the ground shake. I hope I wasn’t to late.


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