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Books coming out in 2017

Hey Guys, I decided to list some books that I'm looking forward to. ALSO, I'll be telling you about a new page on our blog that I think is really cool! I'll tell you about that at the end of this post. Enjoy! January 2017  Title: After the fall Author: Kate Hart Genre: Young Adult,… Continue reading Books coming out in 2017

Things to know

Pros of having thick thighs

First of all I want you to know that ALL healthy body types are amazing and perfect no matter if your thighs touch or not. As long as your body is healthy, your body is perfect! I myself have thick thighs and I know they can be very annoying at times (Especially in summer when… Continue reading Pros of having thick thighs

Things to know

More comments when you’re ‘sad’?

It's very common to see ''Like my Thiscrush page'' posts on Instagram. Especially on fandom accounts. Now recently there has been something that caught my eye: Do people who tell others that they're sad/had a bad day get more comments? And no this does not only apply to Thiscrush Instagram posts. Out of curiousness I… Continue reading More comments when you’re ‘sad’?