#23 Blogmas 2017: Explanation

This is not really a blogmas or wintery kind of post. But I just wanted to explain why I haven't been posting that often and what will happen in the foreseeable future (This can always change of course). Can I say I'm too focused on school?... Well, not really. I do try to stay on… Continue reading #23 Blogmas 2017: Explanation


#16 Blogmas 2017: Best Wintery Books

Let's not mention the same books as last year, shall we? This list is written in no particular order Title: No Ordinary Star Author: M.C. Frank Pages: 150 pages Publication date: November 25th, 2015 Publisher: Createspace A soldier is summoned to the North Pole, days before the year changes, told to fix the great Clock… Continue reading #16 Blogmas 2017: Best Wintery Books