Mushroom risotto recipe

Hey noobs/noobbellas, Of course, you can change the recipe a bit. I really like mushrooms so I added a bit more, I also found some herbal cheese in the fridge and for some reason decided to add some. So the amounts are something you can change to your liking (of course), these are just a… Continue reading Mushroom risotto recipe


Chili chocolate and Cinnamon pecan roll

Baby it's cold outside... Or maybe not because Global Warming. I have actually tried this recipe and it is SO good. Cinnamon Pecan rolls For the dough: 60 g soft butter 50 g sugar 1 packet vanilla sugar or ½ tsp vanilla extract pinch salt 1 egg (L) 120 ml milk, lukewarm 330 g flower… Continue reading Chili chocolate and Cinnamon pecan roll