About me

Hello Noobs and Noobellas!

My name is Manon. Nice to meet you!
I’m 18 years old and living in the Netherlands. In the beginning of January 2016, I decided to start a blog. This blog. And at that moment I started this blog with my friend Sharon. But a year later, she has spread her wings and made her own blog: Ronna’s Eternal Journey

The biggest reason for me to start this blog is to share my thoughts and all kind of other things like my love for books, writing and cooking/baking.

But, for me, this blog is not just to share my opinions and experiences but also yours. So don’t be afraid to comment or ask questions! If your willing to read about me, I would love to read about you too.

And just to give a short explanation to the name Noobbellas. The word ‘noob’ is a shortening and alteration of newbie. And ‘bella’ stands for beautiful



Contact information: noobbellas@hotmail.com

You can contact me for whatever you want! Don’t hold back


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