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Things I would actually do when… Alone and bored

Hey Noobs and Noobbellas,

First of all… It has been a while. Will I be back? Whenever I feel like it i guess (sorry not sorry). I hope you’ve all had a nice summer vacation loaded with activities, warmth, books and whatever else you like to do!

But what to do when everyone is on vacation and you’re home and have nothing to do? (Such a smooth transition into the actual post, am I right).

For some reason I Google a lot of things like: “What to do when your bored”, “What to do when it’s raining” and “what to do when alone”.

And for some reason… I can never find anything that I actually want to do. So here are some things that I, personally, would actually do when I’m alone/bored (Although when I’m bored I still can’t choose even when I have a list ready).

  • Read (for inspiration you can go to my Goodreads To Read list)
  • Find new music (Spotify Discover Weekly or browse Youtube)
  • Bake/cook something (You can find some baking blog posts right here
  • Watch Youtube (VSauce, thougty, Jenna Marbles)
  • Draw/paint, be creative.
    • Make candles
    • Wood, wool and nails
    • Try so sow, book pouch
    • Finish that diary entry
  • Play piano (I’m trying to learn the Mario song) or some other instrument.
  • Print out pictures and stick them to your wall/door (I soon will need more doors)
  • Write.
  • Learn a new language (try sign language. American Sign Language (ASL) or Dutch Sign Language (NGT))
  • Paint your nails/toenails
  • Rearrange your books (and get rid of all that dust)
  • Play some computer games like;
    • World of tanks (free game)
    • Raft (Apparently it’s not a free game anymore since it’s now not in beta anymore… And now it’s kind of expensive)
    • Or when your not alone (!) Try Keep Talking and Nobody Explode (… I might be addicted and am constantly trying to find someone who will play it with me since my boyfriend doesn’t really want to play anymore… Oops (I did buy this game on sale and it was about €3)
  • Drink some ginger tea (make it yourself)
  • Browse WeHeartIt or 9gag
  • Find out How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You
  • Watch a movie (if you can decide what to watch…). My recommendations;
    • Romance: Overboard
    • Comedy/action: Deadpool (2)
  • Clean your room or call it “re-decorating”

Of course I can also add “write a blog post”… But I dont really want to… Even though I just kind of did.




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