Travel log

My vacation: Algarve, Portugal

Hey guys,

I don’t think I really said anything about me going away… But I’m back! Again… Since I’ve been on vacation twice this month 0.0
And there are more trips on the horizon!!

So let me just tell you about one of the trips I’ve been on this month with possibly some interesting places to go to if you ever find yourself here.
I won’t go into details on all the days since we didn’t always do something that interesting.

Let’s start with saying where I’ve been… In case you didn’t read the title, I’ve been to the Algarve in Portugal and a 40 minute walk away from the new center of Albufeira.

Day 1

Our hotel/apartment: Cheerfulway Balaia Plaza
We were expecting something more like a hotel since we had ‘All Inclusive’.  But we ended up all having an apartment… (We are with 5 in total and we ended up with 3 apartments).

Really, today was all about relaxing and hanging around the pool. My mom and I did end up walking to the beach and exploring the neighborhood but our plan left at 5.30 am so we were kind of tired. (On Schiphol you have to be there about 2 hours prior to your flight).

There is also a (minus) one-hour time difference between the Netherlands and Portugal.

Day 2

Today was a family walk day… Meaning that (all 5 of us) went for a walk (duh) and we choose to go to the new and old parts of Albufeira.

The new part is mostly the strip (lots of bars and souvenir shops) and the old part has more grocery stores and restaurants (as well as bars and souvenir shops of course).

Day 3

If you decide that you want to go to the Algarve. You don’t have to bother going to the Albufeira Shopping Center. Maybe this is a bit negative but there were mostly only restaurants and a couple of clothing stores that aren’t really worth mentioning.

There is also a positive thing today though! We ‘finally’ found the liqueur we were looking for called ’35’ (18+ and drink in moderation right?!). It is a milk and sweet kind of drink.
The woman who sold it to us said that it tasted like the Albufeira cakes… We had never heard of that but of course, we had to try it!

My mom and I agree that the liqueur is indeed delicious but it tastes nothing like the cake (called Pastel de Nata) although those are also pretty good.

Day 5

Today we rented a car and ended up going to Sagres, Vila do Bispo (we only stopped for food), Benagil and Praia da Marinha.

Sagres is the southernmost point of Portugal. My parents had read something about this being the southernmost place in Europe…. But I realized, with my poor geography skills, that this made no sense.

View in Marinha


Anyway. It’s pretty cool to see the cliffs… And to watch some people try to catch fish from up there.

Benagil and Paia da Marinha are both beaches with a lot of rocks and cliffs. In Marinha, we split and my mom and I ended up on top of the cliffs where there is a long path from Marinha to the Benagil beach.
WE weren’t able to go all the way since the others were waiting for us back at the car.

day 6

We rented the car for 2 days so today we went for another drive to Loulé, Salir, Alte and Silves

In Loulé there was supposed to be a castle… We found it… But there were new houses built right next to it and there was even a new building inside of it that you could see easily because its roof stuck out above the walls of the castle.

View from Silves


Salir is a village build on the mountain and the views from there were pretty cool but not THAT cool.

Alte and Silves were villages with ruins that we went to see from the outside. You were able to go inside but there was a line and it was hot and there was nowhere to be found how much you had to pay (this was with every ruin, castle or fort we wanted to see).

day 7

This day was spent at the pool and on the beach. I ‘found’ a friend who wanted to go swimming (I don’t actually like water that much… But I’m learning!). So we ended up swimming in all three pools, one of them was from the hotel next to us and another was an indoor pool that we had all to ourselves!

Although we didn’t really swim in the ocean since it was pretty rough and it was high tide so there was a small danger of smashing on the rocks if you lost your footing… Or there could always fall a piece of rock on you because they kept warning you for that. ‘DANGER. FALLING ROCKS’.

day 10

Time to go home. Our plane left around 9.30 am. This was actually a pretty okay time to leave. You have to be out of the hotel room before 11 am so it’s not that you have to place your luggage somewhere while you’re trying to find something to do.

If you made it to the end… I hope you enjoyed it! And if you have any experience you want to share or places you HAVE to visit, please let me know in the comments bellow!




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