Favourite songs at the moment

Hey noobs and noobbellas!

I can’t remember the last time I started a post with that…
Anyway. I hope you’re having a great time today and have some things planned for this summer that you can look forward to. I certainly have.

How I started has nothing to do with what this post is about but I can start saying whatever I want. And so can you!

Okay, let’s just start already. Here are my favorite songs at the moment … In case you didn’t catch that from the title already.

Things I said – No Aspect
Attention – Charlie Puth
So California – Cleavage
Mumble –  Pandaboyx, Nano Bites
Skyline – Nick Martin, TIgerlily
Kisses back FLØRALS remix – Matthew Koma, The Florals
Inside the Lines – Mike perry, Casso
Hurt – Third Party
The Heat (I wanna Dance With Somebody) – Talph Felix, SDJM
What Do You Love, Zonderling Remix – Seeb, Jacob Banks, Zonderling
Sign – DEAMN
Stars at Night (feat. Jacob Lee – Radio Edit) – Social Hoologanz, Jacob Lee
Love At First Sight – Royce & Tan, Madeleine Wood
End With You – Snavs, KING
Thinking Of You (Radio Edit) – HEART FX
Insect – Curbi (BIEM)

Should I stop now…

Eagle Eyes (Lucas & Steve Remix Edit) – Felix Jaehn, Lost Frequencies, linying
Touching You Again – Hot Shade, Mike Perry, Jane XØ
Trouble – R3hab, VÉRITÉ
Take A Chance – Flume, Little Dragon
Crossfire – Stephan
I Hear You Calling (Radio Edit) – DJ Licious
Believer – Imagine Dragons
Never Be Like You – Flume

Gold – Imagine Dragons
Cold – Maroon 5, Future
Daylight (With You ) – Yves V, DImitri & Wyman
Let me Love You – SJUR, CHris Crone
Heartburn (Felix Cartal Remix) – Wafia, Felix Cartal

I decided to use the links from Spotify… (since a lot of people use it and it is kind of easier to do that go to Youtube and find the song first instead of easiliy finding it in your playlist.)

But PLEASE let me know if you agree with me or if you would prefer Youtube links over Spotify links! (Also, if you want to share some of your favorite song than feel free to do so!)



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