Trying to be creative

Trying to be creative with watercolor 

Some of these little paintings have been made a while ago but I really want to paint again, even though I don’t know what to paint.

From time to time I have a moment where I’m really into drawing, painting or something else creative. (On other days I just can’t seem to do it right, I don’t have the inspiration or I don’t want to sit still)

But I saw some watercolor painting that looked amazing and wanted to try something myself. I mostly just googled things like “small drawing” or “small watercolor painting.” I wasn’t intending on making an enormous painting without trying smaller things first to find out if I could actually pull it off (And I’m still amazed by the people who can actually fill a whole canvas).

So here you go!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want to know what kind of things I used to make these (the kind of watercolor or something like that). Just let me know in the comments so that I can have a reason to make a follow up on this post. (Or a tutorial/tips kind of post but I haven’t made my mind up yet).

Hope you like this post and get some inspiration.


Ps…. Almost everytime I look at these I want to start painting again.


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