Travel log

Snowcamp experience

Hey guys,

I haven’t really mentioned anything on this blog about me going on Snowcamp. But here I am.. Telling you… Duh.
This was the first time I every went skiing (or to a place where the temperature can be 20 degrees bellow zero!) So here are just some of the things that we did.

At 4.30 pm we had to go to school and get everything and everyone into the bus and get moving. My friends and I were seated by the teachers (who never gave us any of their food… and they had A LOT) We left between 5.30 and 6 pm.

They had planned to arrive around 7 am… That’s about 13 hours of sitting in a bus!
Fügen is the place where we were going (It’s in Austria)

Why does everything look so black and white… (I love it!)

We were staying there from the 3rd of January until the 6th of January. It really was a busy schedule but we all survived! (Although we were really tired when we went back)

Every day it was kind of like this:
7.30 am: waking up and breakfast at 8
9.00 am: In the bus and on our way to the ski slopes
12.00 pm: Lunch
16.00 pm: Back in the bus
(the 2nd day was the Apres Ski)
17.30 pm: back at the hotel to relax
18.15 pm: dinner
20.00 pm: games (or something like that… Not really our thing. We ended up watching Mama Mia! in our rooms)
22.30 pm: Back in your room (we were already there but okay)
23.00 pm: sleep


Day number 2… There came a moment where you really couldn’t see a thing.


The first day we went to Hockzillertal-Kaltenbach, Spieljoch. And because I’m very much a beginner (I’d say this would be my first day outside in real snow on skis) so I had lessons with a woman they had hired and with a group that ended up being a fun group.

The second day we went to another ski slope but I have no idea what that one was called. And the third day we went back to Spieljoch.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor fugen skigebied

Some had to rent ski gear (including me) and we had to remember our numbers. So my shoes were number 002, my helmet 055, the sticks were number 12 and blue, my skis were number 162… I don’t know why I remember that.

We had (sort of) beautiful weather:
1st day: Sun, some snow and clouds
2nd day: Sun and A LOT of snow (that didn’t help you see) -13° C
3rd day: Just sun (coldest was -21 ° C though!)

Have any of you even gone skiing or snowboarding? If you have I would like to know where you’ve been and of course your opinion about the whole thing!



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