Review: Reigntime by S.K. Levy

*This book was sent to me as a free book by the author S.K. Levy in exchange for an honest review. The fact that it was sent to me will not sway my opinion in any way.*

Spoiler free

Title: Reigntime31186710
Author: S.K. Levy
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: Australian eBook Publisher
Publication Date: July 15th, 2016
Pages: 410
Date Read: January 28th, 2017
Ratings: 3/5 stars

Summary from Goodreads

Lexie Taylor, a seventeen-year-old student nurse in tropical North Queensland, has been assigned a new patient and she’s baffled by his odd and uncooperative behaviour. But she finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Myall, who, for the first time since the death of her older brother, reminds Lexie of what it is to be happy.

As Lexie begins to trust him, Myall reveals he is a Reigntime creature—a magical and immortal being from the Awakening—who will die if he remains in hospital. Risking everything, Lexie smuggles him out, and together they travel deep into the dangerous tropics of Kakadu on a mission to locate the key to his survival.

But the dangers that await them will give Lexie a death sentence of her own…

“Myall looks up from Lexie’s lips into her eyes. ‘Are you scared?’ he whispered. ‘Terrified,’ she breathed. ‘Don’t be.’ ”

I wrote down some of my thought while reading this book and decided to include those in this review as well so I can make my point clearer for you (I hope).

The story is about Lexie Taylor and her ‘situation’. She is a seventeen-year-old student nurse living in Australia in North Queensland and finds herself in contact with a Reigntime creature. She is determent to help him get his health back and defeat the bad guys (or something…?)

The characters. Lexie is a person who seems to believe everything she is told. Sure, she questions some of the things she’s being told but not as far as I would expect in her situation. She doesn’t believe in God but she does believe in the Reigntime Creatures immediately…? Kind of weird.

Now onto Myall… So he’s hot. I get it. Let’s move on.

(Page 94… finally, something seems to be happening!)
(Page 104… oh no. Never mind..)

The story is something I’ve never read before. Not just what it is about but also the writing style. I don’t always like he/she books (love/hate relationship) but this book really only stuck with one person. It might have wondered of sometimes but not to the point where it became annoying. She was learning everything at the same time that I was because people told her this kind of information and she tended to think A LOT about what she had been told.

Also… There were A LOT of conversations. This did kind of put me off sometimes, when you’re reading a page of people speaking to each other and when you flip the page there is more talking! Some conversations were needed but a lot of them also seemed to be dragged out as far as possibly could.

(Page 108… at least she knows that she sounds ridiculous)

“His eyes, they softened. The green somehow morphing from the cold cur of an emerald to capture the supple embrace of a patch of clovers.”

The writer sometimes seems to try too hard. This isn’t just because I didn’t understand half of the words the book started with such as: ‘vivacious’, ‘adamant’, ‘inertia’ and ‘fervently’ (maybe these words should be in your vocabulary but they weren’t in mine at the time). But also because of this quote that you just read… I just had to laugh when I read it, no offence but the patch of clovers just got to me.

I just quickly want to point out that the cover is so freaking SOFT! Like what even is this? I literally had people stroking it (yes, I asked them to do so) to confirm that I wasn’t going crazy. Another thing about the cover… You’ll have to read it to find out why there is a snake on there.

And there is a glossary… I don’t know really know what to think of that…

Lastly… I don’t know what kind of blood pressure monitors you have in Australia. But it kept saying ‘wheeling the valuable blood pressure monitor around. And on a cart and stuff.’ But blood pressure monitors are small and easy to carry… Please enlighten me if I’m wrong.)


Possibly a small spoiler ahead so just in case I’m warning you!!


They were stuck in the same place for more than half of the book… Literally.


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