Review: The Elven Tales by Fabi Ghittoni

*This book was sent to me as a free e-book by the author Fabi Ghittoni in exchange for an honest review. The fact that it was sent to me will not sway my opinion in any way.*

Spoiler free

Title: The Elven Tales 33519062
Author: Fabi Ghittoni
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2017
Pages: 256
Date Read: February 6th, 2016
Ratings: 3/5 stars

Summary from Goodreads

Prudence Clark lives a seemingly normal life in Cambridge with her best friend’s family. But a series of strange events compounded by a wave of kidnappings is about to turn everything she believed about her existence upside down.

A brutal attack catapults her into a new reality – one that makes her the most important refugee of the Council of the Five Kingdoms. Now, she’s charged with the task of finding the King’s runes to stop Alanel, the most malicious and ruthless being, following his escape from prison.

Alanel has declared war on the king of Arkana. Now, even more shocking truths come forth, exposing long-held secrets about Prudence’s past and her destiny. Her newfound knowledge will prompt her to embark on a treacherous journey to face dangerous beasts in the most inhospitable of places. But her journey will not be alone, she’ll be joined by the Company of the Rose, brave warriors that will fight by her side, and hopefully, lead to the retrieval of the runes before it’s too late.

“Miss Clarke, what kind of exotic concoction is that you are drinking?” “Good morning, Goldine. It’s just coffee”

The story is about Prudence Clarke who finds herself in a completely different world than the one she grew up in. She is an important refugee of the Council of the Five Kingdoms and she is the only one who should know where the King’s runes are to stop Alanel who is a powerful being who escaped his prison. Prudence, however, knows nothing of the life she should have lived and with the help of others she must find out what her mother has left her and find the King’s runes.

The characters seem to be more 3D than 4D (which is already better than 2D). In my opinion, this is because the book has been written in he/she form (I have a love/hate relationship with this in case you weren’t aware of that yet). I did get that the book was somewhat written from Prudence her point of view put there were some many things that were just explained… Let me explain.
Usually, whenever a person would find itself on completely new grounds, it would have to learn everything (together with the reader) and to do so, other people will have to tell the person the information or the person has to figure it out his or herself. In this book, nothing seemed to be explained by another person. It was just explained in writing, making it understandable for me. But now I know this… But how is Prudence knowing this as well? No one is telling her. She just seems to know (or then again maybe she doesn’t because it is written in he/she form). I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

The story in itself is a good story. I definitely like the idea and it was usually portrayed in a good (and easy to follow) way. What it sometimes seemed to miss was some kind of back story. There were some explanations on why things were the way they were, but those things only seemed to scratch the surface.

The book is also written in the past tense (nothing wrong with that to be honest but sometimes my mind just can’t handle reading and keeps thinking about history class because everything that I’m reading has already happened) and I found out that it has a lot of ‘then’ in it. I didn’t notice this until half way through but that was one of the moments where I just needed to put the book down to take a couple of deep breaths and get my thoughts in order again.

It wasn’t a book I could read in one sitting. Mostly because of the large amount of action and things that were explained that all seemed to happen without a real break (using a ‘break’ in a book doesn’t have to be good unless it’s used in the right way of course). Everything just kept coming and I had to take a break from time to time.

In my opinion, there was no real plot twist. I did come to a point what I assumed might have been a small plot twist or something but there are quite a lot of names in the book which made me mess up with who was who and I kind of got a little lost and had to put the book down for a small moment to figure out what was happening (and even had to look back in the book on who was who again.

I know I didn’t really go into any other kind of characters. This is mostly because there are a lot of them and most have kind of difficult names for me and I tend to read over difficult words whenever I can (oops…). But the story itself was still a good one even though I sometimes got a bit lost.

And just look at the cover! Also, the inside of the book definitely doesn’t disappoint.



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