How we will continue

The reason I’m saying ‘we’ is because I couldn’t have gotten where I am right now without you guys. And I couldn’t have come here without Sharon.
Of course I’m slightly sad to see her go but can I say that I am sort of proud of her that she had the courage to tell me that she wanted her own blog and actually made her own! (Almost feel like a child is leaving the nest)
And just throwing it out there. I completely understand why she wanted to start her own blog (I might be a bit controlling too… and for some reason, I really like e-mail (It’s like sending a free letter!)

There will be some small changes here and there on the blog but nothing big. Because I am one woman down I will keep posting at least every other Saturday. (Meaning there can be ‘extra’ posts.)

And in case you don’t know what I’m talking about. You can read Sharon her previous post here. And you can click HERE to go to her new blog.


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