I’m leaving

Hello there,
Yes you have read that right. I, Sharon, am leaving.The time has come to follow my own path. At this point this path leads somewhere else than this blog. It leads to an own blog. Now don’t get me wrong. I loved posting here, I loved working together with Manon and a part of me regrets leaving this adventure. But a new one might start.

I am a massive control freak. I love to arrange stuff, but I couldn’t completely because obviously Noobbellas wasn’t al mine and I couldn’t get into the control part of the site. The emails were Manons task because she liked and asked me if she may do it. I said yes but also missed the ”control” part. Slowly it started to feel like Manon ft. Sharon’s blog even though everything was settled amazing. It was just the inner control freak wanting to take over and it won. Because I enjoy arranging.

Therefore I decided to start Ronna’s Eternal journey. My own blog. Manon is taking over this one completely and we might even do collabs or something like that. It is not like you are rid of me now! Anyway if you’d like, you can check my blog out over here ! I’ll start posting there from this saturday!

Once again I absolutely loved my time spent on here, I’d like to thank all of you for that!



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