Looking back at December

Hello there,
2016 has come to an end! It has had its ups and downs, but I am not going to focus on any of the negative parts, surprisingly there also have happened lots of positive things for example Giant Pandas are no longer endangered! Isn’t that great news? There are also more wild tigers which hasn’t happened in 10 years!
Anyway back to december! How was your December?

Things I’ve bought

Velvet legging || Primark Zaandam, The Netherlands || €7.00,-
Harry Potter Sweater || Primark Zaandam, The Netherlands || €15.00,-Denim blouse || Primark Zaandam, The Netherlands || €13.00,-
Basic black tee || C&A Zaandam, The Netherlands || €7.90,-
White text tee || The Sting Zaandam, The Netherlands || €5.00,-
2 really cute cards (not pictured) || Hema Zaandam, The Netherlands || €1.90,-

I’m so in love with the clothes and can’t wait until they’re washed so I can wear them!

Music that has been on replay

All of George Shelley’s new songs
You and I by Pvris
Rockabye by Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul and Anne-Marie

Books I’ve finished

De Wandelaar by Adriaan van Dis (2/5)
Don’t let me go by J.H Trumble (4/5)
Harry Potter and the Cursed child by John Tiffany (yep not JK Rowling) (4,5)

Woah this definitely is a first. It usually takes me about 1 month to finish one books!

Movies I’ve watched

All of the Pirates of the Carribean movies. I had to watch the second one for school and decided hey why not watch them all. Damn I love those movies! I can not wait for the upoming sequel!!

Previous monthly goals

  1. Go to bed earlier. My school schedule was quite fucked up, so this one is definitely moving to this year.
  2. Finish fixing my Charahub characters. All done!
  3. Get all greens. Note to self: This won’t work.
  4. Publish the first chapter in English Yes it’s up on my Wattpad: Hummingbirdx
  5.  Perhaps start that dino video? It has been a busy month and idk where to get a t-rex onesie
  6. Same for the Graffiti art. We haven’t done it in 2016,, but we did in the second vacation week. The graffiti had to arrive first.
  7. Do other stuff beside studying in my christmas break It wasn’t fully planned but I did a few things like shopping, celebrating christmas & New year, work, grafitti art c:
  8. Photograph I did, on school, photoshoot off myself, bookshoot, Ice sculpture festival
  9. Get started on phase three of this big school project. Done that! It’s not finished tho
  10. Clean up my picture folder Done that whoo!

Oh my god. I was so close to getting all greens! So close! But hey otherwise I wouldn’t have enough January goals :p

January Goals

  1. Go to bed earlier Now the first week was a break, and the upcoming 2 weeks will be test weeks meaning getting up late, however this must apply to all the days I have to get up early!
  2. At least search for a T-rex onesie. For you know the dino video.
  3. Finish the school project It’s also due in January so I don’t have that much of a choice.
  4. Go see a doctor if this headache last any longer, NO PROCASTINATION I’ve been doubting to go to the doctor (because you know making phone calls..) for a loooong time now because everytime I actually wanted to make an appointment it seemed to go away only to return later on.
  5. Get my eyes tested I’m afraid that I might need new glasses…it’s only ben 1.5 year since my last new glasses.
  6. Summer holiday planning with friends. I’ve we don’t book soon the prices will go up :’)
  7. DRAWWWW. I have so much drawing stuff and I absolutely need to draw more often.
  8. Get higher grades on my upcoming tests. The last week of test had lots of low marks, except for one. I now want at least 2 really good grades.
  9. Become more flexibe I have been inspired by certain dance videos and I’d absolutely love to be so flexible. I still have a looong way to go because I’m the opposite of flexible, but you gotta start somewhere right?

 Things I’ve done

This has been a rather busy month! I had my last conversation with our student counsellor and I think that I finally know what I want to become. We also celebrated Sinterklaas with the whole family which was amazing. Later on we celebrated Christmas on school where we had to take pictures. We also celebrated Christmas at home. First I went with my father’s family to the Amsterdam Ice Sculpture Festival which was fun even though it was very overprized. I had to work second christmas day though, yet it wasn’t so bad. Later that day I celebrated Christmas with my mother’s family. Shortly I have eaten a lot of food. I went shopping & last but not least we celebrated New year with a group of friends! This was a great month for me!

Hope your month was amazing!



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