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DIY Cloud Lamp

Hello there

The result, picture taken by Manon

I truly wanted to post this earlier and I apologise on forehand for the lack of pictures. The reason for me wanting to post this earlier and apologising is that I could not post this any sooner because it was a secret for Manon. You see, in Holland we celebrate Sinterklaas, and with a group of friends we decided to do a secret santa thing. I got Manon and my ”suprise” as we call it, was a cloud lamp! Now I decided it might be a fun D.I.Y post when the project was finished…yep. But hey I can tell you all about it anyway!

What do we need for this project?
It’s a rather cheap to build. All you need is:
* A little paper lantern
* Led light(s)
* Cotton batting
* Glue, preferably a hot glue gu

Step one.

Basically glue the cotton on the latern! I’d recommend using a hot flue gun because the glue dries faster. Normal glue is possible aswell, I used that, but it takes way longer to dry and you may have to glue it again the next day. So if you don’t have a glue gun, you could always use normal glue just keep in mind that it might take longer!
There are no rules for applying the cotton, it is your cloud so you can decide where you want to put the cotton, how big. I used different sizes, the first was mostly big parts and then I used smaller parts to fill up the left over space!

Step two.

Now I recommend to put the led light or led lights in the latern. Make sure it is a LED light otherwise everything might catch on fite an we don’t want that do we! I put this as step two because now most of tha latern has cotton on it and with the light in it, you can see what it looks light and adjust it a litte. I took a long, flat part of corron for the top and bottom. The bottom should be glued on both sides of the bottom hole, the top I only glued on one side so that you can easily replace the light.I used a bicycle light because budget( however fellow Dutchies out here, do not buy the cheapest Action lamps, yes they are easy to hang up but with every small bump they turn off!) , but I’m sure christmas lights will look amazing as well!

Step three.

As i might have already said, adjust the cotton the way you want,. For example put a little bit more on the sides, clouds usually are no round so it’ll look slightly less like a dust ball.

Step four.

Look for the perfect spot and hang it there with a clear string! Now whenever you turn it on you will have a gorgeous cloud lamp!

I hope this has helped you! As I told in the beginning I made this for Manon, but I’m honestly tempted to make one fore myself as well, they just look so magical! I once again apologize for the lack of pictures. If you do make this cloud lamp please share yours, I’m looking forward to see your clouds!



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