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Review: Choosing Xaveriqueby Karyn Sepulveda

*This book was sent to me by the lovely author Karyn Sepulveda as a free book in exchange for an honest review, the fact that it was sent to me will not sway my opinion in any way. (This review is written for the Book Blog Tour for the author)*

Spoiler free

Title: Choosing Xaverique29444742
Author: Karyn Sepulveda
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy
Publication Date: March 6th 2016
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Pages: 149
Date Read: December 4th, 2016
Ratings: 3/5 stars

Summary from Goodreads

Reality and fantasy collide when Noah and Gabby meet. Both have secrets: they are not human, cannot be killed and are falling in love with each other.

Gabby Valis is a regular fifteen year old; her biggest worries in life are friends, boys and her annoying brother Zac. But her life is shattered the day she finds out she is not human. She had no idea she belonged to a secret species which has evolved from humans; ‘Xaveriques’. After being hit by a car, her body is forced to heal itself, and Gabby’s powers are unleashed…

‘I died this morning. At exactly 8.17 am my heart stopped beating and I lay cold and still in the street. At 8.24 am my heart resumed beating, I jumped up from the dusty pavement and ran home. Confused? Well, that makes two of us.’

I wrote down some of my thought while reading this book and I thought it would be fun to share those as well. This is why you can see the (page…) throughout the review.

“I’ve changed my answer. I want to kiss a boy named Noah. I want to kiss him so badly and I’m in love with him” (You might think this is a spoiler but I disagree)

The story is about a girl named Gabby finding out that she can have powers if she wants to and that she is a Xaverique. She realised this all because she died at 8.17 am but at 8.24am her heart resumed beating and she ran home. Gabby is fifteen years old and can decide if she wants to use her powers, and become a Xaverique forever, or let everything go back to normal when she turns sixteen. But is this even an option considering everything she’ll go through?

(Page 5: B*tch this good [In Shane Dawson his voice. In case you might know him])

The characters are (sorry not sorry for saying this) cute. I even kind of like Zlanyhte! The most important characters are definitely Noah and Gabby who seem to fall for each other instantly! I’m not even kidding. Do you remember the quote that I put on top of this review? That happened about… 10 seconds after they met. This ‘love’ between them really feels like one of those childish love stories. Literately. I see a guy who is nice. Now I’m in love with him. This is honestly ridiculous but also very funny, and sometimes slightly annoying, to read. Mostly because it make me think of when I was younger (I’m not THAT old though! Only 17 almost 18. But you get the point hopefully)

As the story progresses. It makes me want to know more. There is definitely something else going on with Zlanythe. (I’m just going leave you guessing) But in case I haven’t made it clear by now: I do actually like the characters.

(Page 102: Love the last sentence)

The story is completely written in the past tense which I wasn’t really thrilled about in the beginning but at the end of the first page I completely fell into the story.

Karyn Sepulveda definitely doesn’t waste any time… or words. By this I mean that sometimes I feel like there are some details missing from the story. Mostly I missed some small scenery things or, because she doesn’t waste any time or words, I sometimes felt a bit lost because it went so fast sometimes. This didn’t really happen that often (Only somewhere in chapter twenty four really) and the story was still quick but good to read and understand.

(Page 136: Noah… What the actual f*ck do you think you’re doing!)

The plot twist… You can just read my though above this again and you’ll know how I feel. I would like to tell you what chapter this happened in but that would be too much. But I will say that it is not all the way at the end of the book.(I just realised I LITUARLLY said what page it is on…) It happened very fast… Again the not wasting any time/words.

It was overall a good book to read, easy to follow (Excluding some small moments) and I enjoyed it! Of course the writer had to be all smart and make it end on a very high cliff! Why?! So yes, I do want to read the next book in this series and I’m definitely looking forward to it!

If you’re also interested in this book you have a chance at winning it. Go to my Instagram for the details of the giveaway! And you can click here for more details on the Book Blog Tour.

The second book in this series, Betraying Xaverique, will be released on Monday December 12th. So keep your eyes open!



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