Blogmas #5 Christmas to do list

Hey guys!

Because we celebrate Sinterklaas on the 5th of December in the Netherlands there is this unwritten rule that you can’t put up Christmas decorations before this date. Meaning that after today we will be decorating! (Not everyone listens to this ‘rule’ though)

  1. Decorate my room
  2. Find a present for a certain somebody
  3. Set the timer for the Christmas tree light so that I can go to sleep and wake up to nice festive lighting
  4. Buy an advent calender (Chocolate maybe?)
  5. Take (winter/Christmas) bookish photos
  6. Help my mother set up the tree
  7. Also help with all the other decorations
  8. Read a Christmas themed book
  9. (And don’t forget to celebrate Sinterklaas with friends!)
  10. Possibly try some new (winter/Christmas) recipes
  11. Start making some damn candles you lazy *ss (I’m talking to myself don’t worry)
  12. Celebrate my birthday (the 21st of December)
  13. ‘Gourmetten’ with friends

There aren’t really any trips planned on here because I just don’t have anything like that planned. (I won’t say no to an unexpected trip)
I do have to work on some school assignments, read some books, there are some things to blog about and A LOT to eat. (I really want those Pecan Cinnamon buns… But I’ll have to wait until the 8th/9th of December!)

Do you have a Christmas to do list? If you do please share them with me. I’d love to read them and don’t forget to include your blog in it if you have one!



3 thoughts on “Blogmas #5 Christmas to do list

    1. A checklist kind of looks like a to do list right? I have way to many things to do and also actually remember them. So a post like this can be really nice ;) (you can always try it if you want ๐Ÿ˜…

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