Looking back at November

The Christmas month has officially began, but before we move on to all the upcoming adventures in December, we might want to take a look back at what November has brought us. How was you November?

Things I’ve bought

My wallet was very happy with me this month, because I only bought like two things: ‘Sinterklaas’ Gifts and stuff to build my ‘suprise’ (A craft where you hide the presents in) I’m not going into the details since we have to keep it a secret (at which I already failed a little) Thus next month will be more interesting!

Music that has been on replay

Tongue Tied by Glee
Talking body by Don Vedda
Life can’t get much better by Good Charlotte || They sound a creepy lot like 5SOS
Nothing Else Matters by Little Mix
Paint me Black (Matthew Parker Remix) by Ben Hazlewood and Mali-Koa Hood

Don’t expect next month to be only christmas songs because I tend to not listen to those on repeat ;)
Also let me know your favourite songs!

Books I’ve Finished

  • World After by Susan Ee
    I did like this book, but it wasn’t as amazing as the very first one. I will post a review about it soon!

Movies I’ve watched

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Which was fantastic!
Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children – Loved this one and damn he has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen!The Martian – I watched this one for school and it was good, just not really my type of movie

Last Month goals

Don’t be mad at me! I once again have (suprisingly *cough*) failed you. Why is it so hard to actually do stuff

  1. Go earlier to bed on weekdays. My school schedule is not working with this, but I’m not going to give up.
  2. Finish fixing my Charahub characters And it also isn’t finished in two months. I do have all my guys ready, only the girls to go!
  3. Take better care of my plants I now have a ”watering day” which is Friday! unfortunately my orchid has lost its flowers, but it is said that they grow new ones if you cut of the branch and put it somewhere colder so well see how that turns out.
  4. Do everything I planned to do/ask Done c:
  5. Put new batteries in my calculator Done and I made my test c:
  6. Submit when I want a day off from work Also done and they accepted my request!
  7. Get all greens! Failed as you can see
  8. Keep on writing chapters I did! I finsihed one and i am currently creating an English version!
  9. College stuff Partly done, I still don’t know where to sign in for a walk-along day since I have one open day left to visit.
  10. Finish up this project that I need to pass this year. Finished what I had to finish, but do have to start on the next part of the project.

Okay honestly if I look back on all of this, I’m actually quite surprised by the amount of greens! Some things just couldn’t be finished due other factors.

November Goals

  1. Go to bed earlier.
    Still the same story.
  2. Finish fixing my Charahub characters.
    Just six more & it’s done.
  3. Get all greens.
    Because I realise how badly I want everything to be green just for once.
  4. Publish the first chapter in English
    Which means also improving the Dutch part that I already have and translating it to English.
  5.  Perhaps start that dino video?
    This is going to be a dangerous one in combination with number 3. since we have been trying to start this for over 2 years now and we still haven’t! So my dear friends if you’re reading this, prepare for the question.
  6. Same for the Graffiti art.
    Because I want to do these things cx
  7. Do other stuff beside studying in my christmas break
    Do you ever just look back at your holiday and be like: I actually did nothing at all (in my case beside studying) and then feel all useless and stuff. Well I want this break to be fully planned.
  8. Photograph
    It is not like I haven’t done this since the last time this was a goal, I simply have this idea that I’d like to try. The only thing that makes is hard is that I need this big white wall, which I don’t have in my house, and some photoshop skills.
  9. Get started on phase three of this big school project.
    Otherwise the same will happen like last time and I don’t want to spend all of my days working on this project.
  10. Clean up my picture folder
    I have way too much pictures on my computer that I either already put on my phone or that I won’t ever use.

What I’ve done this month

Well, not so much. I went to another open day at a school. It truly missed a nice atmosphere so now I’m searching another location with the same education. Beside that my beloved serie Teen Wolf is back on tv, that made me very happy and yeah that was about it.

Once again I’d love to hear about your month!


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