Blogmas #2 things I love about Christmas

Hey guys!

Here is just a quick list of the things I love about Christmas. (Not that you could have known that already because that is LITERALLY what the title says)

  1. SNOW! (Not that we really have snow here any more because global warming and stuf)
  2. Wrapping presents (Very therapeutic)
  3. Reading Christmas themed books
  4. Drinking lost of hot chocolate
  5. Staying inside and reading all day (But you know.. School happens)
  6. Baking all kinds of things (!!! the Pecan Cinnamon buns are truly amazing)
  7. Warm clothes and trying my best at wearing layers
  8. Gourmetten! (If you don’t know what this is… Google please!)

  9. All the festive decorations
  10. My birthday! (the 21st of December and I’m turning 18 this year! How exciting…)
  11. Lots of DIY’s
  12. All the festive photos on Instagram (Bookstagram for me!)
  13. Going for a walk with the dog (I don’t have a dog so I’ll just take my mother with me)

There are probably more things that I love about Christmas and  December but if I’d make it any longer I might lose you because it’s so long.

Have a nice day and please tell me what YOU love about Christmas! (And if you’re doing blogmas as well I would love to know about it of course)



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