Blogmas #1 35 Blogmas post ideas

Hey guys! It’s the first of December!

I know this has been done way too many times and I will not start my list with ‘Gift ideas for/her’ because I have seen that WAY too many times.

Do I feel christmasy? Honestly? Not really. I was so in the mood for Christmas (still am) but I’m not feeling it yet. But this is probably because in the Netherlands we have Sinterklaas on the 5th of December. (In case you want to know more about Sinterklaas. Here is the Wikipedia page) After the 5th of December is really when all the decorations are getting visible.

Just a quick thing… It is kind of a big thing for children when Sinterklaas comes and there is this big festival kind of thing and he comes from Spain every year (So the story goes) but I realized that I never actually hear anything about him leaving…
Weird. Let’s ponder about that outside of this post shall we. (Or in the comments. Who knows)

This intro is too long. Let’s go!

  1. Gift ideas for hi… (HAHA just kidding)
  1. Festive make-up tutorial
  2. Christmas nail art tutorial
  3. Hairstyle ideas for Christmas
  4. DIY Christmas gift ideas
  5. Favourite Christmas movies (top 3)
  6. Christmas playlist
  7. Christmas wish list
  8. Christmas haul
  9. Things I love about Christmas
  10. Christmas tag
  11. Christmas recipe
  12. Inexpensive Christmas ideas
  13. Blogmas blogpsot ideas
  14. Christmas wishes/hopes for the future
  15. Christmas/winter candle collection
  16. Favourite Christmas scents
  17. Christmas cocktail
  18. Childhood Christmas memories
  19. Write a letter to Santa
  20. Looking back on the year
  21. Favourite childhood Christmas memory
  22. Christmas tree reveal
  23. Events happening this Christmas (Wherever you life
  24. Favourite Christmas books
  25. Host a (Christmas) giveaway
  26. My Christmas wallpaper screen
  27. DIY make your own advent calender
  28. Drawing something festive
  29. New Years resolutions
  30. Christmas traditions
  31. Christmas OOTD
  32. Favourite Christmas jokes
  33. December to do list
  34. What you got for Christmas
  35. DIY Christmas home decorations

I hope you liked this post and are getting into the Christmas spirit! (And not getting sick of all the Christmas things that are being thrown your way)

If you have any more Blogmas post ideas please tell us in the comments bellow (And give us a link to your/someone else their blog so we can see your posts!)


ps. We will be doing some of these posts so keep your eyes out noobs and noobbellas!


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