Looking Back at October

Hello there Noobs and Noobbellas,
It’s almost Halloween! Woah I’m so excited even though we don’t really celebrate Halloween over here… Well it’s starting to become more of a thing but we’re not there yet.
Do you have any halloween plans

Things I’ve bought

I went shopping again this month! Mostly because I failed to get some warm clothes last month. Oops hehe.
Cardigan || Primark Alkmaar, The Netherlands || €18,00,-Green Plaid Flannel || Primark Alkmaar, The Netherlands || €8,00,-
Green Longsleeved Turtleneck || C&A Alkmaar , The Netherlands || €14,90,-
Blue jumper ||H&M Alkmaar, The Netherlands || €24,99,-
Blue Jeans || Primark Alkmaar, The Netherlands || €15,00,-
NYC Metallic Nail polish || Kruidvat Alkmaar, The Netherlands || €2,49,-
Essence The Metals (2x) || Kruidvat Alkmaar, The Netherlands || €1,89,- (2x)
Hema Rescue lip balm || Hema Alkmaar, The Netherlands || €1,50,-
Halloween Night of Darkness tickets || Internet || €15.00,-
2 Pendant Necklaces || Ebay || $1.98,-
3 photoshelves || Xenos Heemskerk, The Netherlands || €5,- per shelf

Music that has been on replay

It’s not over – Daughtry || No idea how I got by this song again but I still love it!
Mercy – Shawn Mendes
Party like a Russian – Robbie Williams | This song is so odd but I still like it
Fake it – Bastille & more Bastille Songs c:
Shout out to my ex – Little Mix | I don’t even have an ex, but this song makes me feel powerful towards a nonexistal ex.
Body Moves – DNCE

Books I’ve finished

  • City Of Heavenly Fire
    I’m so sad about finishing this amazing series. I loved this book, and therefore I’m not going to make a review about it. If I did all I would say is ”This book is amazing” and yeah there are many reviews out there about this book.

Movies I’ve watched

  • Bridget Jones’s Diary – Well this just isn’t my type of movie. I found the jokes pretty lame and yeah I’m more into the action filled movies, or Fantasy movies. I can appreciate humor and romances but just not this one.

Last Month Goals

I have a pretty good feeling about last month goals. So let’s see how well I did!

  1. Write another chapter to my story. I did however, I’m not uploading it since I want to change the first chapters
  2. Finish the Mortal Instruments serie. I did Woohoo, but now it’s over *cries*
  3. Go to bed earlier on weekdays. Didn’t happen, it’s not that I go very late to my bed,  I just want to go at least a quarter earlier.
  4. Start learning history and Dutch words everyday for the big test. Euhm I did it, but I started later..
  5. Bake something I made a Brownie! Unfortunately I left it at my dad’s place, meaning that it will be eaten when i get back there… Well I had one piece
  6. Go OUTSIDE  with my camera. I did! I had to photograph a school project (which basically is inside but not inside my house) 
  7. At least stand once during surfing. I didn’t get the chance since there was no wind during our last lesson, meaning zero waves… Still making this orange because it wasn’t my fault.
  8. Draw something Technically I have 3 more days to fulfill this task, and perhaps I’ll do it Sunday when |I have time. On the other hand my drawings usually take more time..
  9. Fix my Charahub characters Didn’t happen. I fixed one…
  10. Take better care of my plants Also didn’t happen… Poor plants

Well… I truly thought that I did better.. Not really statisfied. Well better luck next time! (I’ve said this about every time now, oops)

October goals

  1. Go earlier to bed on weekdays.
    Due the autumn break and my odd school schedule this didn’t really happen, however I’m really going to try since I’ve been having this terrible headache lately and if more sleep can at least make it less then I’m down for it.
  2. Finish fixing my Charahub characters
    Turns out that such a task is not done in one month, therefore I’d like to move it to the upcoming month because I like my stuff sorted out (and it certainly isn’t at this point.)
  3. Take better care of my plants
    Why is it so hard to remember giving plants water!? Will I do this later to an animal!? What is wrong with me haha!
  4. Do everything I planned to do/ask
    A.K.A. e-mailing this cooperation a wuestion about my bought tickets, ask my friends wether ow wether not we’re already going to plan a new themepark visit (if there are still tickets though it was a special day) check if the spa sale is still open & ask who wants to come and when… You know that stuff
  5. Put new batteries in my calculator
    It’s actually very impressive to see how long a calculator can run on low batteries. However I can already imagine my calculator just shutting off when I’m making this big test that is coming.
  6. Submit when I want a day off from work
    I need to get free on certain days and procrasting this will only decrease my chance at being free..
  7. Get all greens!
    C’mon, how awesome would it be if I succeeded at every goal??
  8. Keep on writing chapters
    Can you tell that I’m running out of goals?
  9. College stuff
    Maybe, just maybe it is time to sign in to the other open day before it’s full. Same goes for the walk-along day…
  10. Finish up this project that I need to pass this year.
    I’ve got only like 3 weeks to spend 43 hours on finding information and making a text about 9/11 gotta love projects! :’)

Things I’ve done this month

This was a rather calm month (except from the testweek) and I didn’t do much beside school, work and driving lessons. Well I went to an open day at a University of Professional Education ( Damn that sounds fancy!) and to be honest that didn’t make my choice any clearer.. Well I’ve still got another open day and a walk-along-day left.
Another fun thing I did was going to the forest for a book photography day with Manon. It was a lot of fun!

Hope you had a great month!



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