Review: One Small Chance

*This book was send to me as a free e-book in exchange for an honest review, the fact that it was sent to me will not sway my opinion in any way.*

Title: One Small Chance30973139

Author: Lucinda Whitney
Genre: Contemporary, LDS, Romance
Publication Date: August 16th, 2016
Date Read: September 9th, 2016
Publisher: Lange House Press
Pages: 182
Ratings: 3/5 stars


Summary from Goodreads

One city of two million people and only three months to find her.
What are his chances?

Isabel Antunes is content with her life as director of the English Academy in Lisbon. Then she’s hit by a man on a bike—a man her boss just hired to be her assistant. Despite Simon Ackerley’s repeated assurances to the contrary, Isabel believes he’s after her position, but she won’t hand it over without a fight. As if dealing with him all week is not enough, he shows up at church as well. Her only solace is in writing to the pen pal she knows as “Elliot”.

Simon Ackerley told his father that he was moving to Lisbon for the job. But that isn’t the only reason. Simon is looking for Amélie, the pen pal he’s written for fifteen years. A woman he knows everything about—except her real name and address.
When the biking accident reveals that Simon’s prickly co-worker Isabel is the elusive Amélie, he knows he has to win her trust before he can confess his true identity. If only he could tell her the actual reason why he’s come, he’s sure Isabel would treat him differently. But she’s not ready for the truth.

My review *No spoilers*

The cover kind of makes me think of a Nicholas Sparks book. Which makes no sense because they look nothing alike. But it’s just about the feeling.
I will say that, if you look at the cover, the ending is really predictable. This does actually makes sense because who’d read a book with a bad ending.

The story is mostly about Isabel and Simon, who have been sending letters to each other for the past 15 years. But they haven’t told any details about where they life, work or even what their real names are. They both have been thinking about meeting the other but haven’t actually said such a thing out loud.. Or on paper.
Then one morning Isabel is hit by a man on a bike who turns out to be her new assistant at work! And to make it even more predictable. He is the one she’s been writing to for all of those years. Of course he has his doubts if it’s really her but finding a letter that you send anonymously to your penfriend and finding it in a, at first random, woman ‘s pocket.

I will say that the story itself is good. It’s not something I’d choose myself but it was a pleasant surprise. Again, the story is good even though the overall story is really predictable. There are some small bits that I hadn’t suspected but if you take a look those they weren’t really necessary. Fun to read but it didn’t really add a lot.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor lucinda whitney
The writer herself: Lucinda Whitney

The writing was fine. The book alternates between Isabel and Simon their point of view and it is quite easy to know when this happens. Or at the start of a new chapter or somewhere in the middle where the writer used some white space to let you know your switching your point of view.


There aren’t a lot of characters which, to me, makes the names easy to remember. That Isabel is Amélie and Simon is Elliot is easy to understand. There a some side characters who aren’t really important. We have Christina, Isabel her best friend and colleague, and we have Dr Varela who is their boss.
I don’t really have much to say about them. They are realistic. Some might even call them 3D.

There is no real plot twist. This book felt to me as if I was just casually taking a stroll and ending up slowly climbing a hill. Very calm and nice things to see along the road. But, when you finally get to the top of that hill, it turns out to be a cliff. Not a cliff of emotions, power or strength. No. A cliff where the story just ends.
I’m not saying this book has an open ending because I does end… Somewhere.
But I mean that the writer seemed to be taking her time building up to the point of the penfriends (Amélie and Elliot aka Isabel and Simon) meeting and then just ending it. As if when they meet that the world makes sense again, everyone is happy, nothing left to think about and then just get married.

Just Kidding this doesn’t happen… Or does it? (I don’t think this is a spoiler of any kind)

I don’t really understand why she choose for the story to end like this but she did. (duh)
But there is more that I don’t understand.
Somewhere in the book Isabel seems to be very confused by the game Twister. She doesn’t know what it is called, what it is or what to even think of it. Really? Has anyone never heard of the game Twister?

Moving on.

Another thing I don’t understand is why the writer had to include a religion in the book. I have never read a book that says anything about any kind of religion. (I also hadn’t seen the genre LDS which apparently means Latter-day Saints)
There is quite a lot of talking about praying in the book and all this did to me was making me roll my eyes every time I read it. (Quick note: I have nothing against religions and I would even like to know more about it like why you believe in such a thing. I just don’t really like reading about it. Which I realized while reading this book)

So in the end, it’s a fine book. Not special not boring. It’s not a book I’d recommend to read if you’re trying to get out of a reading slump. I might recommend it to people who are religious themselves though. If you’re interested in things about the religion that this is not the right book. Sure it says some things about Mormons and LDS but it doesn’t explain anything. Which makes sense because it is a romance novella.

I hope you enjoyed this honest review. If you want to recommend a book to me/us you can comment this in the comments down bellow or if you want to contact us in any other way (but more personal) you are always welcome to send us an e-mail.

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