Looking back at September

Summer is officially over. Some will be happy to swap the hot weather for cozy sweaters and falling leaves, others wish summer would last forever. I’m kind of inbetween, I don’t need endless summer but I’m definitely not statisfied with the amount of summer we got this year! What about you?

Thing’s I’ve bought

I went shopping this month therefore the list is a little longer than usual!
Flower sneakers || New Yorker, the Netherlands || €4,95
Lace shirt || New Yorker, the Netherlands || €12,95
Wine colored shirt || New Yorker, the Netherlands || €12,95
Black open shoulder shirt || New Yorker, The Netherlands || €9,95
Black Jeans || Primark, The Netherlands || €17,00
Blue Jeans || Primark, The Netherlands || €15,00
Flower long sleeve || Primark, The Netherlands || €11,00
Heart and collor shirt (Wich is called Print Peter Pan like why?) || Primark, The Netherlands || 8,00
Footies || Zeeman, The Netherlands || €1,99
Eyeliner || Hema, The Netherlands || €1,99

Music that has been on replay

x. Capsize by Frenship.
x. The Greatest by Sia
x. Kids by OneRepublic
x. Unsteady from Me Before you by X Ambassadors
x. Send Them Off! by Bastille

Now the first 3 songs are no longer on repeat because I over repeated them!

Books I’ve finished

Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid. 3 out fo 5 stars
Post Mortem by Peter Terrin. 2 out of 5 stars

The review from Never Always Sometimes will be up next time!

Movies I’ve watched

The Purge. I really liked this movie. It’s not that terrifying but it did keep me on the edge of my seat. I also love to think about what might happen which can be annoying because I usually say it at loud so I’m sorry!

Last Month Goals

This is going to be the most red one ever I’m sure about it.

  • Keeping up with the eye training Does half a month count aswell…
  • Graffiti art! Didn’t happen once again.
  • Start my driving lessons I’ve had my first two driving lessons!
  • Geocaching Didn’t even think of it…
  • Try to get high grades I had no tests at all so technically I didn’t fail this one
  • Meet new people Not on hangout level but I did meet some people!
  • Photograph Yass I love photography took a bunch of bookpictures
  • Write another chapter of my story Once again does half count?
  • Finish the Mortal Instruments serie I’m halfway through it!
  • Go to bed earlier on weekdays Nope still the same

Actually it’s not that red, but on the other hand orange should be red as well.. x3


October Goals

  1. Write another chapter to my story.
    Let’s make that half a whole!
  2. Finish the Mortal Instruments serie
    Is it dangerous to say that this is easy once again? Anyway I’m already half way through there’s no way to fail this!
  3. Go to bed earlier on weekdays
    I had a schedule were I basically didn’t have to get up early, but that was in the past (Like two weeks ago, cry) Time to take it seriously now!
  4. Start learning history and Dutch words everyday for the big test.
    I basically want to try a new method by repeating first 2 parts, then the next day the same 2 parts + 2 new parts and that for about two weeks until the big test. Its purpose is basically spreading the studying.
  5. Bake something
    Yes this is extremely rare (I’m not really into cooking and stuff it takes too long in my opinion) BUT I’ve seen these two delicious recipes: Tredelnik’s (a.k.a Doughnut cones) and Rainbow cake!
  6. Go OUTSIDE  with my camera
    But..but the outside world is scary… Anyway I would like to take some pictures in the nature (I need a dog, I like dog pictures) and taking bookstagram pictures usually happens inside so my next step is taking pictures outside! At this point the leaves are still pretty and not rotten and gore by the rain! *Causually forgot the corn maze while writing this*
  7. At least stand once during surfing
    I have two lessons, one was in september and the other one is in the first week of october, where I go surfing with school and I just want to stand at least ONCE.
  8. Draw something
    I haven’t drawn in a long time, beside that I got tagged in one of these draw something you commenters say, so I still have to draw Katniss for that..
  9. Fix my Charahub characters
    My characters for writing are a little messed up lately about 80% of them is in the ”not done yet” category and my whiteboard has been full with character traits for the past months with the goal to adjust my characters.
  10. Take better care of my plants
    You know that feeling like: I need to do this when I get home or tomorrow. And then you end up not doing this. I’ve been doing that to my plants. It’s a miracle that they’re still alive and it’s a shame because I work in a gardening center… Shame on me

Things I’ve done this month

September actually was a pretty busy month. The normals life started again, meaning I had to go to school, to work, to dancing practise. No more free days unfortunately but a little bit of rhytm was okay. My class seems okay so far, we don’t have many lessons together so I actually barely know my fellow classmates. My schedule was pretty good for the first time but unfortunately they already had to change it and I truly hate my schedule right now. Gotta live with it though.
Something a little more fun was a corn maze  where I went with some friends. The maze wasn’t that spectaculair but it was a lot of fun! Friends always make things better don’t they ;)
I also organised my birthday party which was a lot of fun. It was together with my stepbrother since we’re born in the same week. This meant that my friends were there, his friends and my parents friends. I really enjoyed it!
And last but not least I had my first driving lesson! It was so cool I really enjoy driving *Cough* steering around. Just kidding I also got to accelerate!

How has your month been? I hope you enjoyed this post and also that you enjoyed this month. If not there’s a new month waiting to be better!



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