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My holiday to Tenerife: Second week

Hello there,
It’s me Sharon again with the second and last chapter of my holiday story! I hope you’re still willing to read about my holiday. I can’t promise it is going to be any shorter than the last post though! Here is the link to my first week:

The first week went by so fast. We already came to the conclusion that one week would have been way too short to visit the most important stuff. Well the most important stuff according to us. The second week started off pretty calmly. Sunday we went to Loro Parque, were I talked about in my other post, therefore we decided to spend another day at the hotel. Yes we spend a lot of days at the hotel, but keep in mind that we were with a baby of 1 year, a child of 5, a girl of 12 and me (and of course my parents) Taking two small children with you can be very exhaustive since they need a lot of attention and care.

On to the next day. We had heard that there would be a local market just at the end of the street so we went there all together. It was quite a big market and it was pretty crowded. They sold very interesting stuff from brands to handmade stuff. It was way more interesting than a local market around here in The Netherlands! I didn’t buy anything though, because I didn’t really know what I wanted to buy. We spent a few hours walking around before we headed back to the hotel, swam a little and then got ready to go to the boulevard. This time we decided to walk in the opposite direction of last time at the boulevard. According to a friend of my dad on the other side was a very cosy place. I guess we missed that. Now don’t get me wrong because as soon as it turned dark there was one spot where it was very cosy, with all these little lights and stuff, but that was about it. All there was beside the one cosy place was a massive hotel. We ate in a very expensive restaurant and to be honest it didn’t really taste that well. We should’ve eaten at the cosy place where there was live music, but we walked further and ate somewhere else. Too bad. We watched the sun set and returned around 10pm. When we walked back we spotted these really odd birds up high in the sky. I think they were white because they reflected the lights of the city. When we see a bird fly in the dark we usually can’t even see it but those bird almost shined!
Back at the hotel we decided to go to Siam Park the next morning, so we all went to bed a little early since we wanted to be an hour before opening so that we could get fast passes.

However the fast passes went wrong… I had read somewhere that the park opened at 10 so my dad wanted to be there at 9. When we got in the taxi, the woman driving it said that the park opened at 9. Woops… Well we still got our fast passes though! (It’s known that they sell out really quickly) I really do recommend purchasing a fast pass because the lines can get very, very long! The park was just wow, the decoration was perfect! The slides were amazing and it was so big! Like the park itself was big, but so was the wave pool. The decorated it like a beach. The pool was huge, the waves were about 3 metres, higher than any wave pool in the Netherlands and it was so fun to swim in it! Every time a weave would come people started cheering and stuff which was very funny to see.
We went down every slide except the big and steep one through the shark tunnel. I’m too much of a pussy for that one, hehe. We did went through the shark tunnel though! You had to get into the lazy river, which I really recommend doing as soon as it opens because otherwise it will get too crowded and you might not go through the shark tunnel. You’re probably asking why so let me explain. At the end of the lazy river you can choose to go left into a queue for a lift hill where you can get up with YouTube. Once you are upstairs you get a small part of lazy river and then the fun starts. A staff member pushes you down at a wild rafting kind of slide. It was very fun and you would end up in the shark tunnel where you would be for about 1 minute before you’re drifting back into the lazy river. A definite must ride! However it might be a bit too wild for the smallest ones. My little brother went together with my dad.

Onto the next slides! We could skip basically every line ONCE thanks to the fast passes. There is something for everyone, there were two playgrounds for children with many slides, like I’ve never seen so many children slides in one place! My brother really enjoyed it over there since he was too scared to ride the bigger ones. You we’re allowed on most of the slides if you’re over 1.10m.
Now I’m not going to list all the slides, because there are many! But I’m going to list my favourites! Number one favourite has to be the new slide called Singha. It’s a different kind of slides since you go over hills being pushed by a strong jet of water. You take place in a two persons raft and then the fun begins. The slides goes so fast you have these steep drops, hills, odd turns and I basically had a laugh attack until the end. Water was everywhere but it was truly amazing!
Another favourite was one of the four Jungle snakes, the dark one, because it went so fast and at one point I had truly no idea where the hell I was going.
In conclusion, Siam Park was awesome. If you love waterparks you should definitely visit this one! It surely was one of my favorite days!

Still not used to the black sand

Can you feel it coming already? Another rest day because we had an activity, well this time you’re wrong! The next day we went to Garachico a small town known for its destruction caused by the volcano El Teide. There would be a house where the destruction was still visible. But we’ll get there later because we had a problem: There were once again no parking spots. We had driven around for half an hour and there was not a single empty spot. We ended up in a small village road when there was a sharp turn and my dad wanted to go backwards because we could not see if it was a dead end. Then we got blocked by a police car. My dad stepped out of the car to see if it was a dead end or not and then proceeded to ask the police man about it. He said that we could make it and was very friendly, which was good because we thought we did something wrong. Turned out we didn’t. Anyway we proceeded to drive further and finally found a hidden parking spot with free places! We immediately parked the car and then our day could begin. At first we sat down somewhere to get some food. This day my baby sister, Jill, was moody as hell she didn’t stop crying and the whole terrace looked at us in disgust. Long live crying babies. Anyway Jill had a tooth coming through so she had kind of a reason. However because of that tooth she constantly put her hand in her mouth so far once that she vomited… More people looking in disgust at us :’) after cleaning it we quickly paid the bill and agreed on never returning there. Jill did feel better after it. So we did not leave the town immediately. Instead we came across a special pool made out of dried lava. You could jump from the small, cliff thingy’s, and there were made ladders to get in and out the water. It looked so awesome and of course the water was very clear! There even were small fishes and crabs! My sister didn’t really like that though. Unfortunately the water was very, very cold. It was also a little bit clouded that day so we only lasted 30 minutes in the water and then had to warm up. It was already 6pm so we went back because the hotel was on the other side of the island. The drive took us about 2 hours. That basically was our 11th day.

Jump towards the 12th day where we once again decided to drive to the other side of the island! This time we would visit a Botanic garden. Fortunately this time there were plenty of parking spots! The Botanic garden was okay. I had seen prettier ones on the internet, but it said that they weren’t so accessible with a buggy so we went to another one. It was fun to see, it wasn’t that big but the most spectacular thing to see was a massive Banyan tree. That basically was all we did. In the evening we watched the entertainment of the hotel which was a Karaoke night. I personally didn’t really like it that much because at one point an entire French family who could sing pretty well went up but the all picked (to me) unknown songs and yeah they weren’t exactly party songs so it wasn’t as joyful as I would imagine a karaoke. It is a reason to visit a karaoke bar again tho ;)

Our last activity found place on the 13th day. We went to another waterpark called Aqualand and before we went there I had read some pretty bad reviews. However they did say it was amazing for children so we went anyway. By arrival we already found out one of the think were people talk about a lot: the prices. The entrance fee was cheaper than Siam Park, but only a few euros. Now in Siam Park the rest is free (In exception of the fast pass and the food) now at Aqualand you had to pay for a seat too and there was no other option. 3 euro per seat. And it doesn’t end there. For a single portion fries you will have to pay 8 euros! The bill was as big as an evening dining out only for a small lunch! Insane if you ask me. Now the park itself… The ground was horrible. There were small rocks everywhere so walking actually hurted. This could be easily solved by just sweep the park. On to the rides. 4 slides are not even allowed to be called slides because you did not slide! You had to crawl to get forwards simply because there was not enough water on the slide. The newer slides were better but one of them, a racer where you would lie down face first, actually gave me burn wounds on my feet. I don’t know how but basically if you did not lift your feet of the slide you would get burn wounds. Ouch. Now I did have a fun time and there also is a dolphin show which was amazing, but if I were ever going to take the park over things would have to be changed immediately. I’d recommend visiting Siam Park as it in comparison is cheaper and offers way more and has a better quality.

The last two days basically existed out of tanning and packing my bags, so nothing interesting to tell. Therefore I end my holiday report right here. I hope you liked it and I hope your summer was great! Tell me what you did or are planning to do, I’d love to hear your stories!




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