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My holiday to Tenerife: First week

Hello there!
As some of you might know: I’ve been on holiday to Tenerife! I went there for two weeks and have decided to make a post about my holiday so that you will know what I did on the beautiful island. For the ones that don’t know about Tenerife, Tenerife is the biggest Island of the Canarian Islands. It’s from Spain and the mother tongue is Spanish. In the centre of the island is a huge volcano: the El Teide. There are many beaches on the island from yellow to black to rocks and it had the second biggest Carnival in Santa Cruz! Now you know a little about the island so let’s move on. I decided to split my holiday in two posts otherwise they’ll become way too big. The second and last post will be posted after Manons post.

My holiday started on August the 13th. We, and with we I mean: My dad and stepmom, my 12 year old sister, my 5 year old half-brother, my 1 year old half-sister and of course myself,  were picked up at 1pm to head to the airport. Schiphol to be exact. Our flight would leave at 4 pm. My sister and I had never flown before so we were a little bit nervous. I never expected the airport to be that big. I had been there once picking up someone but never got past the security. It’s so big! Luckily there were plenty of signs that helped us find our way. Everything went well until we actually came at the security. I had put my toilet bag in my hand baggage in case my luggage would get lost, however I forgot that I had a giant deodorant in my bag. Say goodbye to my completely full deodorant… And that wasn’t all that went wrong. I was kinda stressed and forgot about a million of make-up items who were liquid. There I saw my bag going behind a glass wall. Fortunately the woman was very kind. Needless to say that I put my toilet bag in my suitcase on the flight back!

The flight itself went well, apart from my half-sister crying during the entire flight (I’m sorry fellow travellers). The take-off and landing felt a bit odd and my ears kept plopping, I also got extremely nervous during the landing probably because of all the scary stories online. Anyway, around 9/10 pm (I don’t really remember exactly) we arrived at the Hotel: Playa Real. It looked quite fancy, fancier than we expected so we almost missed our stop! (Pictures online were all from the back of the hotel therefore we didn’t know what the front looked like) We immediately went to the apartment and found out that I wasn’t going to get a room alone like promised. We changed the entire interior and I ended up sharing a room with my little sister. Well it was better than with my half brother or sister since they were both awake around 6am. We all went to bed a little early because the flight had exhausted us.

The next day I woke up way too early because obviously my half-sister was crying. Still damn tired I stayed in my bed, trying to ignore the noise. Eventually I got asked if I was okay with coming later to the breakfast because all the little children needed more time to eat so I joined my family later. This day was filled with exploring the surroundings of the hotel. We walked toward the beach of Costa Adeje. I loved seeing all those palm trees they really gave me the vacation feeling. We walked past all these little souvenir shops and past the beach. It was very hot though, we went from 18 degrees in the Netherlands to 33 degrees Celsius! My feet felt like they were on fire so we took a break quite soon to get something to eat and drink. Afterward we went back to the hotel. This time we walked further past the beach and went past this small cliff which was amazing to see!
Back at the hotel we had dinner and we spend the rest of the evening watching the entertainment. Unfortunately my half-brother, who is 5 years old, was too afraid to join the kids disco but it was fun watching my stepmom trying to get him to dance. (There was this song were he always dances too) This basically was my day 1.

The next day I got a chance to wake up a little later or in other words my half-sister didn’t cry. My dad and I went to the other side of the road to hire a car. My dad asked me with him so I could translate the English, however the man at the shop spoke mostly Spanish or English with a very thick accent so I couldn’t understand it at all. My dad did fortunately so we got a white bus for 9 persons even though we were with 6 persons. The first thing we did was drive to a small town where a Belgian woman should live who sells Siam Park and

We were even above the clouds!

Loro Parque tickets for a cheaper price. The town was in the mountains and instead of finding her house we got terribly lost. We ended up driving on the insanely steep roads with cliffs on either sides. It was very scary but in the end we could all laugh about it. After finally finding a normal road, we followed that road towards the El Teide. It was amazing to see the view since we were getting higher and higher. The rocks changed in pine trees and eventually the pine trees changed into volcanic rocks. It was insane to see so many different environments! As we got closer to the El Teide everything got drier and then finally we saw the massive volcano. The road were all empty until we got closer and saw many cars parked in front of it. We also parked the car and walked a bit towards the centre where the cable car started its way from the foot of the volcano towards the top and even over it! We just wanted to enter the queue when we saw a sign saying no babies allowed and the queue was already 160 minutes! We went back to look at the carts and saw all these people stuffed into it. At that point we decided to not ride it and drove further to the other side of the island: Santa Cruz. It was already around 6pm then so we only passed the city and immediately went back home through another highway. That evening we spent at the Hotel because of the small children.

Day three was a boring day, so I’m not going into details. We decided to spend the day at the hotel and mostly at the pool. In the evening we went again to the entertainment however I forgot what it exactly was…Oops onto the next day! This day we went searching for a dolphin tour boat. Unfortunately we quickly found out that babies aren’t allowed on most of the boats. We gave up and went to ”Los Gigantos” were we would look at the cliffs and perhaps find a dolphin tour boat for another day. The town was pretty steep, the roads were small and there were many, many people. So many that we couldn’t find a place to put the car, meaning we couldn’t stop here so we drove back with the idea: another pool day. Last minute we decided to drive further towards Los Christianos were there was plenty of parking spots. We walked past the beach and got a drink somewhere. I got my very first cocktail (without alcohol because drinking with my dad and stepmom felt odd) I picked the San Francisco and it was delicious! Should’ve tried one sooner! After our break we went towards a ticket shop and we finally found a tour that allows babies! We immediately booked one for the next day at 11 am since then the tours would be less crowded. This basically was my third day.

Because of the dolphin tour we had to wake up early and drive back to Los Christianos were we could get aboard. The ship looked like a pirate boat and we would spent two hours on it. It was surprisingly how quickly we found dolphins. The coast was still visible and we already spotted one. The motor got turned off as soon as a dolphin got closer. Later on I learned that dolphins rest close to the beach and therefore Hawaii wants to stop the dolphin tours. I didn’t know this by then so I enjoyed watching the dolphins and even the whales. I don’t really know if I would go on a tour like that again knowing that they just want to rest. The rest of the day we spent at the hotel pool.

Just a few more paragraphs I’m sorry for making this so long. Now you understand why I’m splitting it right? Anyway the seventh day we also had to get up early to go to Loro Parque. Upon entrance we immediately got pushed into a line for a picture with the back of a parrot. We didn’t buy the picture and you had to get past it. Quite smart though because children obviously would want the picture. Anyway we skipped a few enclosures at the beginning because it was very crowded and started at the penguin dome. Man that was gorgeous! There was real ice in the queue (I touched it) and also around the penguins it looked very beautiful and realistic to the nature. You got around the penguins on a flat escalator which was a relief with that many people. I’m not going to be telling every animal exhibit in details so don’t worry! The park isn’t that big, you’re through it within a few hours without all the shows. I honestly found it quite odd that the penguins got such a beautiful closure, but the birds were in a really small cage. Kind of sad to see. I don’t get why they place like 1o small cages beside each other instead of 1 big one (or more because the birds probably can’t be together?) The shows were amazing to watch but still gave me that odd feeling. Especially the Killer whale show did that. It’s amazing what these awesome animals could do but it’s not what a killer whale is supposed to do and again why not build a way bigger pool if you insist on having killer whales?
I didn’t see the dolphin show but instead we saw the parrot show which was okay, mostly because I didn’t understand a word. The cutest thing about it was that someone actually proposed! She had no clue it was so cute, the parrots brought the ring flying over the crowd. Really amazing! Almost had to cry hehe.
We also watched the sea lion show which was very funny. Again so insane what these animals can do. There was plenty of modern music involved and the trainer even danced with the biggest sea lion!
I do recommend going there if you like, I liked it most of the time, but if I was the owner of the park I would change many things.

That was all about my first week. In 2 weeks I’ll post the second blogpost. I hope this wasn’t too long and if you’re still reading: Congratulations you made it towards the end!
Have a nice day and I’ll see you in 2 weeks!



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