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Hello Noobs and Noobbellas!

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The parkmap!

Today I have another theme park review for you! However I did start writing this report a little bit late (I didn’t have a choice because the next day I immediately had to go to Tenerife) Therefore this trip review will have a slightly different lay-out. Instead of telling what we did at what point I’ll just discuss every attraction and of course the overall looks and stuff. I hope you’ll like it!

On Friday the 12th of August we, Manon, Lisa, Lisanne and myself, went to the German theme park Phantasialand. Both Manon and I have been there before but the last time we were there, they were only building the new coasters and this year the coasters were finished! Enough reason to travel all the way to Brühl which didn’t go that smoothly. This would be the first time for me traveling by train to another country. We first had to get the Intercity towards Köln that all went great. The hell broke loose when we got to the station and had to get the train to Brühl. On the NS website it said we needed something with 18. There weren’t 18 stations. We had no clue where to go or what tickets to buy. A man next to the ticket automats also asked us if we knew where to go since he couldn’t pick tickets for the place he wanted to go (same happened to us) I wish I could’ve helped him, but I couldn’t even help myself. We did manage to get the right tickets and get to the right station. From then everything went smoother since the Phantasialand shuttle was pretty obvious however the actual shuttlebus that rode at that time wasn’t very obvious. fortunately the man selling tickets asked us kindly whether or whether not we had to go to Phantasialand. After a few enthusiastic ‘yes we do!’ he told us that this was the right bus. We got dropped off right in front of the entrance and we immediately could enter the park! Yay I love no queues! The entrance is a little bit small though but luckily there was barely any queue. Don’t get put off by the unfabulous entrance the rides are very good!

Hotel Tartüff
This is definitively a must do! It is fun, it is ridiculous and it is for the whole family. Tartüff is an insane hotel. Staff with flamingo slippers? Yeah nothing is weird enough for this odd hotel. But what is it exactly? Hotel Tartüff is an indoor funhouse. You follow your way through laundry bags, moving stairs, and steep slides. Especially with friends it is a very fun ride to walk through! Unfortunately this ride is not accessible for people who can’t walk well.

The Wellenflug

The Wellenflug is a beautiful decorated Carrousel. It’s placed in the centre of the square and when you walk down the recreated streets of Berlin you’ll see the Wellenflug at the end of it with its water fountains moving with the carrousel almost close enough to give you wet feet!

Maus au Chocolat
It has chocolate in the name what else do I need to say? This ride is a shooter where you basically help a cake chef to get rid of the mice. You shoot at the mice with chocolate. BUTTT the ride is 3D and the mice might also shoot some things at you ;) Very fun ride especially children will like it!

Colorado Adventure – The Michael Jackson Thrill ride
img_20160813_111333.jpgFrom the old Berlin straight into the Wild West in… What was it about 100 steps? Yes this is possible in Phantasialand! The first thing you’ll see when you enter the Wild West side of the park is the steel rollercoaster Colorado Adventure which was opened by Michael Jackson. (Hence the name) The coaster has three lift hills (!!) and goes through many ”mines” The decoration is amazing! And the ride itself is also pretty good! It goes quite fast for a family coaster. The seats however are a little bit too small… or my but is just too big… it wasn’t very comfortable and I ended up with a few bruises on my back, but hey it ain’t called Wild West without a reason ;) We rode this ride many times because it was so much fun. Colorado Adventure is the only attraction in the western style. There used to be another attraction but they took it down to make place for the new rides therefore they made the Colorado Adventure join the Mexican part of the park. Just so that the poor ride wasn’t a loner.

Winjas Fear and Force
The Winjas are two spinning rollercoaster intertwined. One Is called Fear the other is Called Force. The Coaster are place in the indoor Wuze town which is the Fantasy theme of the park. You enter in a giant hall with in the centre a special tower. Around the tower you can see the tracks of the Winjas. I absolutely loved these rides! You take place in a 4 persons car where two will ride the first part backwards (which I really recommend because backwards is awesome!) I won’t say anything about the track itself because it has various special elements (No loops) like really special I’ve never seen such elements….(Like a drop track) Sorry I couldn’t help myself. I prefer the Winjas Fear because it is slightly longer and a bit more intense. This is another must do!

Image result for tittle tattle tree
Not my picture but this is the Tittle Tattle Tree

Tittle Tattle Tree
Remember me talking about a tower in between the tracks? Well that is the Tittle Tattle Tree what doesn’t look like a tree at all. I don’t even know what this is but you basically stand into a Ferris wheel alike wagon and it lifts you up and down quite fast, causing a funny feeling in your stomach. It’s very suitable for children and it offers you a great view on the Winjas! We didn’t ride it that day, but I’ve been on it before. There are way more children rides at Wuze town, I’m not going to discuss them all but there is plenty for children!

Temple of the Nighthawk
Okay this park might be perfect but it also has imperfect rides… Temple of the Nighthawk is one of it. This is another indoor coaster located behind the Wuze town. You basically fly with a nighthawk. The coaster has three lift hills and a loooong track. It just isn’t fast… and you can’t see anything. People were basically having a proper conversation while riding this and sure for kids it would be a nice ride, I did enjoy it when I was a kid. Guess I’m just too old for it now. This coaster does have a little story though. The theme used to be space and you could actually see planets and stars while riding it, a bit like Space Mountain, unfortunately a big fire ruined all the decors. The park decided to dress the station as a jungle and leave the rest of the ride pitch black. Because of the structure, which was specifically designed for the two rides, they can’t easily but up new decors and stuff. Now you might have noticed me saying two rides and yes this building has tw0 rides. Underneath the rollercoaster goes another attraction. You can hear the rollercoaster from the other attraction, but you can’t see it because there is a ground. Anyway there barely is any queue so if you want to know that it’s like you could always hop into it! Don’t wait longer than 5 minutes though.

Hollywood Tour
Hollywood tour is the other ride I was talking about. This tour lets you step into a boat and sail past famous movie scenes (Which are quite dated now) you get into the basement through a small splash. There are scenes like Tarantula, 1000 Leagues under the sea, Tarzan, The Wizard of Oz and a few more. Not only the scenes are dated, so are the puppets. It’s a dark ride with a few animatronics. Masks were torn, eyes didn’t move, and some animatronics didn’t move at all. Beside that there was a lot of dust on the puppets. I can see how this ride used to be very good, but times have changed and I completely understand why there are rumours that Hollywood Tour and Temple of the Nighthawk will be removed soon. Again don’t wait longer than 5 minutes, fortunately I’ve never seen a queue there.

Mystery Castle
On to the next theme: Mystery, where a massive tower will draw your attention. Enter the dark castle and soon you will meet the owner who has been cursed. The queue is dark and I’ve heard that there might be live actors in it. I have never seen them though. This ride is a shot and drop tower. You take place in one of the seats. There are benches with seats all around the inside of the tower so you’ll always see another bench in front of you! That adds to the ride in my opinion. Anyway after you’ve taken place, the lights will go out and you will go up very, very, fast. In no time you’re lifted to 65 metre high to fall all the way back down. The ride is very short but also very intense. The first time I rode it, I actually couldn’t stop shaking. Damn that thing was intense. Still recommend it though!

River Quest
Another ride in the Mystery section, is River Quest which is a rapid river. This one is also decorated like a grey castle. However it is a little to grey and quite empty. Apart from that the ride is hella good. It has various drops even though you’re in a round boat, like most rapid rides. It does things I didn’t even know rapid rides were able to do! Very fun, might be a little scary for little kids though and you get WET! Or no more like SOAKED! Absolutely a must do!

Feng Ju Palace
Now we’re going to the Chinese section of the park which is a square, two rides and a hotel. Feng Ju Palace is a madhouse. I didn’t really understand the story of it. The ride itself was okay, but our Dutch Villa Volta will always be better :p We didn’t went on this with the group, Manon and I have been on it before though. It’s not really a must do if you’re familiar with Madhouses, if you’re not you should definitely check it out! A madhouse is an illusion which can make you feel a little dizzy. It can be a little frightening for little children. The house gives you the idea that you’re making loops.

Geister Rikscha
The second Chinese attraction is Geister Rikscha another old dark ride however this one, in my opinion, looks a little better than Hollywood tour. Fun fact: This ride actually is underground! The have a little problem with not enough ground in Phantasialand so therefore they made this ride under the ground! The animatronics are once again old and make a lot of noise (Like compressed air that lets the animatronic move) It’s supposed to be a haunted house, but it’s more like Haunted Mansion, not so scary.

Image result for Talocan
Once again not my picture but you had to see it!

We’re becoming really good at traveling aren’t we? From Berlin to China and now on to Mexico! In Mexico you’ll find the spin ‘n puke ride Talocan. I’ve never been on such a ride and I’m not planning on either. I’m not really into the spinning and puking. However don’t skip this one! You might not want to ride it, but it’s really amazing t look at! The decoration is amazing and when the ride start there will be fire and water elements making a real show of the ride!

Chiapas die Wasserbahn
Okay this ride is special because it has the steepest drop IN THE WORLDDDD. Chiapas is a splash where you take place in a log boat with about five other persons. You’ll sit very close to each other and you have to get in the boat quickly since it doesn’t stop. (Unless you’re not able to walk well) Because of the steep drop there is a lap bar. If there wasn’t I probably wouldn’t have ridden it. You sail past a few decoration and then get to the special elements. There are three drops. You don’t get very wet. You’ll get the wettest from the water in the boat. If you’re wearing all starts, they will be soaked at the end.  This ride is an absolute must do!

Black Mamba
The Black Mamba is an inverted steel coaster in the African section of the park! This ride is so fast and so intense. Unlike the other coasters, this one does have loops. And at one point you won’t be able to tell if you’re upside down or not. So intense is the ride. I had to take a moment and sit down afterwards! The thematisation again is amazing, there are so many tunnels and near-misses. If you like roller coasters, RIDE THIS ONE!

Are you still reading? This post is getting a little bit bigger than I expected hehe. Anyway Taron is one of the newest coasters in the park! It’s another steel coaster that launches you twice! And my god it goes so fast! The only thing keeping you in your seat is a lap bar and weirdly enough mine didn’t get shut all the way down… I know that because even my thinnest friends were strapped up really tightly and while I’m fatter at my bottom, I wished my lap bar would go a little bit closer… But Hey I survived! Even though at one point it felt like flying out. Anyway don’t get scared by my lap bar story because the ride is amazing! It’s intense, like the other big rides, and it again beautifully themed like all the rides. Beside these point the track is also long. Really long. Where a normal coaster would end this one launches you for the second time to an even more ridiculous speed. Amazing. Didn’t go on it twice tho because my body was like calm down a bit will ya! (And maybe the restrains part scared me a little.)

Last but not least: Raik the other new coaster. This one is more for families. It’s a family boomerang. On this ride I found out that I can’t ride backwards on roller coasters for a long time (The spinning coasters only had a small part backwards with almost no turns) I knew that I couldn’t ride backwards on a bus because that would make me sick, but so did this. It was a fun, short ride though. Children will love it! It went quite fast again for a family coaster. It just made me a little sick. Imagine what would’ve happened if I went on the big Boomerang in Walibi… That one has loops…. Anyway I recommend riding Raik before you ride Taron otherwise it’ll feel really slow!

Look at the thematisation! and Manons head

These were all the bigger rides at the park! I hope I didn’t bore you to death. I’ll now give you a few details about the park. As you might have noticed there are many ”lands” You have: Berlin, Fantasy/Wuze Town, Mystery/Klugheim, Mexico, China and Africa. The lands are all very close to each other. At one point you might be in Africa and in the next minute you’re in Mexico. This has a reason. The park isn’t that big and even though the owners really want more land. They can’t. At one side (you’ll know when you see it) there are neighbours complaining about the park. That side of the park is very dead because they have strict times of when the attraction over there might open and that isn’t often. Because of the lack of land they decided to build the attractions underneath each other, underneath the ground, etc. However that means height difference and some parts aren’t really wheelchair friendly.

The park looked very different years back, but there were many fire’s destroying rides. They have built new rides and you can’t see anything of the destructive fires. The fact that they’ve build new attractions to cover up the burned down ones doesn’t mean that the park stopped upgrading. Every year they are building something. The first time I went they were building Chiapas, the second time I went there they were building Klugheim and the last time I went there they had just broken down a 4d ride. This park is always building and providing new rides. I can’t wait to see how the park will look in a few years.

This was my trip review of Phantasialand. It’s an amazing park and it’s definitely number 2 on my favourite park list. If you’re doubting to go there, stop and just go. The park is great! Anyway I’ll stop talking now after 2810 words. Hope you have/had a nice day and I’ll see you guys soon! Oh and If you have ever been to Phantasialand I’d love to hear your stories!







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