My summer bucket list END

To be honest, I almost forgot about this post. So if you need your memory refreshed, just like mine, you can read the original post here.

Summer vacation has come to an end. And we’ve been going to school for 2 weeks already.So let’s have a look at the things on my summer bucket list that I’ve actually done.

Donating my hair.
This is actually something I did on the 2nd of May 2016, before summer really started.
I felt slightly nervous but I also felt ready. I was done with my long hair, although I will probably miss the way it feels in my back because for some reason I love that feeling.
There was actually an actual camera crew there to record some of the donations because in was the hairdressers 50th anniversary and they were doing free haircuts for everyone donated their hair.
They washed my hair, combed through it and made two braids before cutting those of and eventually styling my hair.
When my hair was finally short, it didn’t really feel weird. Maybe because I had been waiting for that moment quite long or maybe because I’ve had short hair before, a long time ago, but it really didn’t feel all that weird.
I’m still very happy with my hair and I would like to keep it short. Now whenever I look at girls with long hair, the first thought that enters my mind is that they can also donate heir hair! My mother told me she’s thinking the exact same thing so I’m not THAT weird.


Go to the beach.
I didn’t end up going to the beach even though some of my friends asked me to come with. It was really hot outside and I was already thinking of my sun allergy. I could have gone but I think I ended up going on a bike ride with my mom so I don’t regret not going.


Go to the pool.
We went to Tikibad with the 4 of us. This is a pool with a lot of slides and not a lot of pool. It is also where I realized I do not like slides very much. I don’t mind swimming though. But because I need my glasses or contacts to see ANYTHING, I don’t really like taking them off. So after walking around and going on a slide without my glasses I decided to just wear them. This is because my head went under water at the end of the first slide because my eye sight is so bad I couldn’t see how deep it was or even where the slide ended to keep myself afloat.
I didn’t go into the funnel (because that thing terrified me) but I did think I could go in a turbo slide… Not a good idea.
First of all. I hated how fast it went. Seriously, your head is being pushed back and you can’t move anywhere. In other slides you can just sit up and use your arms and legs to slow yourself down. In a slide like this that is NOT POSSIBLE. I hated it.
And when it finally came to an end… I had lost my glasses. I thought I was holding them but apparently not good enough and they flew off. Thankfully my friends helped me find it but it was literally stuck in the last turn of the slide.
After what felt like forever, a lifeguard stopped the slide so one of my friends could climb back in the tube and retrieve my glasses.
I was even surprised that it didn’t have one scratch on it because a lot of people went past it.

Sorry not sorry for the long story.

Visit a Themepark.
We went to Duinrell (which is where the Tikibad is) and we went to Phantasialand in Germany on Friday the 12th.

Sharon has written a post about our adventures there. Click here to see her post!


Have a Photoshoot
We had a Photoshoot on the 8th of May. Brought our own cameras and acted like the weirdos we are.DSC_1256.JPG

I also had a “Photoshoot” with my mom in the park. That was more for the post I was making: Getting school ready.
But we did make some fun photos.



Go canoeing
We will save this one for another time.


Laser gaming!
We have been talking about doing this but we haven’t actually done it. But it is definitely something we’re going to do someday. Maybe even this year.


   Beach party or festival
We went to a festival in the Netherlands called Bevrijdingspop that is located in Haarlem. It’s free to go to but if you want to buy anything there it does cost money, obviously.
We Sue the Night, Balthazar, Chef’special, Eefje de Visser, John Coffey and probably some more but these are the ones that I remember.

I really like Sue the Night but my friend and I agree they weren’t really good live.
Balthazar isn’t really something I would normally listen to but we were with a group of 8 (3 guys and 5 girls) people and other did want to listen to it. And I’m fine with that.
Lastly, we ended up in a moshpit at John Coffey. That moment when everyone started running around in circles and doing whatever the f*ck they were doing was so confusing and we were all sort of trying to stay together and holding on to each other while people ran into us. 2 of the guys that went with us kind of helped us out of there, thankfully. I can’t see I would like to stand in a moshpit again but I did experience one.


Water balloon fight
We will do a Hunger Games water balloon fight somewhere in the future. I’m positive of that.


Go on a holiday with my family
I went to Majorca with my mom, stepdad and one of my stepbrothers for 10 days. You can read my previous post about it: My vacation in Mallorca.

I didn’t do that bad! 6 out of the 10 things were done. Of course doing everything would be even better but I’m actually quite proud of myself.

What did you do this summer? Any tips for next year? Let me know in the comments!



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