Travel log

My vacation in Mallorca

Lets keep this short because this is going to be a long one.

I went on vacation with part of my family (one of my stepbrothers couldn’t come with us) We went to Mallorca and I though it would be a good idea to share our adventures with you.

Hope you like it!

Nothing from this post has been sponsored.
(Maybe it's sponsored by my parents because they paid...)
 Just in case anyone was wondering.

DAY 1 August 17th, 2016 (Tuesday)

Waking up at around 1 am. is not my favourite thing to do. Or I’m still awake or I just want to stay asleep. But, our plane was leaving at 4.40. This meant getting about 2 hours of sleep before dragging your bag down the stairs, getting into a car (we got someone to drive us to the airport), waiting for a minimum 30 and a maximum of 60 minutes by the check-in, going through security, boarding the plane and finally… Siding down in seat 33 C,D,E or F (This is all the way at the end.)

The flight took about 2 hours, me sitting by the window seat and my mother next to me, half falling asleep against each other and eventually getting of the plane to get our luggage.


When we finally got to our hotel the person behind the desk told us they were overbooked which meant we had to go to another hotel. They paid the taxi for us to go there and we ended up at MLL hotel Palma Bay.
It took very long to check into our rooms, about 1 hour of waiting, and finally dropping our bags in our room. My stepbrother and I were actually in a completely different building (across the street) than my mother and stepfather. (I will just call them my dad and brother from now on. Even though they are not related by blood but writing ‘step’ in front of it the whole time seems unnecessary.)

FINALLY, after settling down and changing, we went to look around. Palma Bay is actually quite big and has multiple building. There are different places to eat and at least 4 pools to choose from, a pizza bar, snack bar,cocktail bar, restaurant and a lot of places to sit outside.

We had All Inclusive (3 star hotel) so we had breakfast (we were just in time), lunch and diner there.
We did end up going to the boulevard and probably sitting down at one of the 15 Balneario at Playa de Palma. (Small restaurant kind of..)


DAY 2 August 18th, 2016 (Thursday)

We had breakfast at 9.45 and it was really warm in there. The air-co is on but it’s still really hot.

Today we had to switch back from hotel. It took a while but at 1 pm we were finally able to have lunch at out original hotel Caribbean Bay. Unfortunately my room wasn’t ready yet because the people hadn’t checked out yet… So I had dumbed my bag at my parents their room.

View from the 10th floor

This hotel doesn’t really have a lot of places where you can sit. There usually aren’t enough chairs and when there are, there aren’t enough places in the shadow. You have a roof terrace on the 2nd and 10th floor. Both have a pool and some places to sit but the only shadow you have is when the sun is behind the building.

After exploring the hotel we went for a walk (because we are a family that likes to walk).
We went south, walking over a smaller beach where they don’t really clean. Where I spotted this awesome Pokémon art.

After diner (around 8.30 pm) I was finally able to go in my room because the people had left. (We got free Wi-Fi for 10 days for all the trouble)
The pool bar closes at 7pm this means the only place to sit is inside and that is not really something we were looking forward to.
We ended up sitting at the bar inside and eventually going upstairs to the balcony in my parents their room.

Later we heard that other people also had to go to other hotels and other ones only got one room while they paid for two.
Our rooms were also a bit weird because my parents had a three person bedroom with the two of them, my brother had a three person room for himself and I had a two person room for myself. I don’t know what went wrong but it went wrong good.


DAY 3 August 19th, 2016 (Friday)

We don’t just like walking. We also like riding a bike. (Bike people from the Netherlands..)
We drove to Palma de Mallorca which took about 1 hour with wind. 30C°, no wind and full in the sun.

The Cathedreal there is something you have to see. (Or at least that is what they say.) I do agree that it is pretty.
My mum and I ended up walking about 23 km before heading back. We were meeting up at BO15 (Balneario) for a drink.

We headed back to the hotel at around 5pm to test the pool on the 2nd floor. Honestly… It was pretty nice. And I’m absolutely not a pool person. (The idea of losing my contact lenses is not something I like.


DAY 4 August 20th, 2016 (Saturday)

The bus picket us up at 9.30 (it was supposed to be there at 8.55…) to go on a cave tour!

Our tour guide on the bus kept talking the whole way and repeating everything he said in 4 different languages…

The first cave was the cave of ‘Hams.'(It has nothing to do with ham) It is located close to a place called Porto Cristo. Where we also had a stop to eat our lunches which we had asked for at the hotel. What do you get for lunch? An apple, one orange, a water bottle and a cheese sandwich. (And not one of those sandwiches to get exited over)

The cave of ‘Hams’ is the coloured one. They had different colours of lighting, magical music and on some places a voice to explain what things were called. Like stalactites and stalagmites.

The other cave you visit is the ‘Coves de Drac.’ (I don’t think it has anything to do with a dragon) This cave was even deeper and kind of more impressive… And more people.

In this cave they didn’t have fancy lighting or a magical song playing on the background. But it was still beautiful. Apparently 1 cm of stone is created every 30 years… Imagine how long this whole cave took!

At the end of the cave there is a show with 3 songs (can you call it songs?) from Mozart (I think it was Mozart…) while 3 rowing boats sailed over the underground lake. Very pretty but it also took quite long. (The piano, violin and some other instruments were all sitting in one of the boats)

When it’s over you can decide to walk back or take one of the small rowing boats. There was an enormous line there so we ended up walking. Which we didn’t mind.


DAY 6 August 22th, 2016 (Monday)

My mum and I went for a bike ride again.We rented some bikes for €6 euros per day.

This is the day where I realised I really like Frozen Yoghurt.. I’m definitely going to try and make it at home. (Of course I’ll share the recipe with you when I got it right.) And if you already have a delicious Frozen Yogurt recipes, Please tell me about it!

We ended up driving to Portopí where there was some military compound with some donkeys… (I don’t know why) We tried to find a castle that I had seen but we ended up at the MacDonald s, 14 minutes away from it and realizing it was actually closed when we looked up where it was.


DAY 7 August 23th, 2016 (Tuesday)

The bus came to pick us up at 9.10 to go on an Island Tour.

First you stop in a place named Inca which is also know as the Leather Town. They basically make a lot of leather things.
After this stop they take you into the maintains with a lot of sharp turns and a beautiful view.

With the bus you travel to a place (I don’t know what it’s called. But here you get the time to relax and eat your lunch.You can walk around for a bit and you had this small tunnel you can walk through where you have 2 ‘windows’ where you can see a part of the bay.
When you make it to the end of this tunnel there is a small beach but they did warm you for jellyfish.
Instead of sand there were small rocks everywhere and if you walked farther away from the tunnel and beach you had the impression you were walking in a canyon.

We didn’t walk that far because we had to be back to go on the boat that would bring us to Soller.
Here we had a little time for ourselves before we went to the tram.
This one is mostly made of wood and most of the wagons are open.

The drive took about 20 minutes before we were at the last station. Here we took the wooden train. This drives though a total of 13 tunnels (I think I counted correctly) The longest one was number 11 and we were told that one was about 3 kilometers long and it was pretty cold inside. They train does have windows but the can’t be fully closed. It’s open at the bottom or at the top.
The trip with the train took about 45 minutes and then you are back in the outskirts (I think) of Palma de Mallorca.

There we were picked up by the tour bus and brought back to our hotel. We were back at 6.30pm.

This tour is definitely fun to do and you get to see a lot of the island!


DAY 8 August 24th, 2016 (Wednesday)

This was another relax day. We ended up laying in the sun on the 10th floor for at least 1 hour.

After lunch my mum and I ended up walking over the boulevard and ending at Balneario number 7 before walking back through the sea to number 5 where we were going to meet up with the others.
The sea water is lovely and for some reason there are no jellyfish here! They also don’t seem to have tides… I really don’t know why.

We also ended up trying the Ensaïmada filled with bakery cream. This is one of the famous foods in Mallorca. It’s really sweet which is probably why a lot of people like it. And that includes me.


DAY 9 August 25th, 2016 (Thursday)

We spent the day relaxing and also not really knowing what to do.

After 9pm my mum and I eventually headed to the boulevard to take a walk. I actually preffered the atmosphere better when it was dark than when the sun is fully shining.
It is still warm but now there are some artist sitting on the boulevard trying to sell their stuff. There were also some people who had build professional sandcastles (they build it a couple days ago) and at night they put small candles in it which just looks so cute and beautiful!

DAY 10 August 26th, 2016 (Friday)

Time to go back home!

We were picked up at 4.50, our plane left at 7.35 and eventually landed at 9.46.
I had an amazing vacation and I even got a tan! I guess now I don’t have the colour porcelain as foundation any more. (Not that I wear foundation. I used to though.)

I hope you like reading this! (I know it is a long post)

I’d love to hear about whatever you did this vacation so feel free to post a comment!



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