Looking back at August

Wow there has already passed a month! Why does the summer goes by so fast? I’m totally not ready for the bad weather partly because we barely had any summer weather in the Netherlands… Anyway let’s take a look at the previous month!

Things I’ve bought

Mascara || Black Market/ Bazaar, the Netherlands || €6,-
2 plants 3 fake plants || Praxis, The Netherlands || I have seriously no idea what it costed
Lamp || Ikea, The Netherlands || €14,99,-
Sunglasses || Hans Anders, The Netherlands || I got them from my stepmum (She works there)
Clock souvenir || Souvenir shop, Tenerife || €24,00,-
Ankle bracelet || Souvenir shop Tenerife || €3,50
2 bracelets || Market Tenerife || € 2,50 each
Candle souvernir for my mum || Souvenir shop Tenerife || €3,50

Music that has been on replay

 x. Don’t you need somebody by Red one ft. Enrique Iglesias, R.City, Serayah & Shaggy
x. La Bicicleta by Carlos Vives and Shakira

I like both songs because they’re very catchy. I’ve heard La Bicicleta very often in Tenerife and it really (The other song too) gave me a summer vibe. I love Summer vibes.

Book I’ve finished

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong
The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

The review of this trilogy will be up in a few weeks!

Movies I’ve watched

Me Before you. Omg I loved this movie it was so sad yet so beautiful!

How to be single. Very fun movie! Really recommend it for a laugh especially if you are single ;)

Hush. A horror about a deaf woman with a murderer after her. It wasn’t exactly scary and I really missed a plot and a backstory. It was an ‘Ok’ movie. I do not recommend.

Last month goals

1. Finish decorating my room: The table is gone and there are a bunch of plans now, something that I wanted for a pretty long time!

2. Keeping up with the eye training: I don’t get why I can’t keep up this simple task!

3. Get up to date with Pretty Little Liars.  Unfortunately didn’t happen.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought I’m somewhere in season 7 now. Just a few more episodes to go!

4. Graffiti art: Didn’t happen since we barely talked this holiday. Still want to do this tho

5. Go to the beach at least once and SWIM: I did woohoo I went two times in the Netherlands and a few times in Tenerife!

6. Buying stuff for water painting: I didn’t come across it but I did found some watercolor paper in my drawer, all I need now is a calligrapic pen.

7.Hangout outside again at least once We did it, only once x3 To longboard and catch Pokémons

8. Start my driving lessons: Didn’t get the money in time but I’ll start after summer holidays!

9. Geocaching: Unfortunately my data was all used so I couldn’t go out with my phone for something like this :(

10. Gotta catch them all: I went out a few times, but all I seem to find are Rattatas and Pidgey’s .-.

Once again red rules :( Better luck next month.

September goals

  1. Keeping up with the eye training
  2. Graffiti art
    Okay so this is going to be a hard task because school is starting but stillll, I want to do this so badly!
  3. Start my driving lessons
    I really want this because I’m so done with the public transportations. It’s freaking expensive and you just can’t get everywhere that easily. Also I’m 18 now so that means I can drive by myself! (Well after I’ve got my drivers license)
  4. Geocaching
    New data, new chances ;) Hopefully the weather won’t ruin my plans…
  5. Try to get high grades
    School is starting again and I’d like to start the year with high grades (I’m a perfectionist okay) My grades from last year will move on to this year and not all of them are so good, I just want to be able to pass my exams easily.
  6. Meet new people
    We already found out that the classes will be mixed up completely. Luckily I’ll still have 2 friends with me (However they changed the classes last year the day before our first school day)  but I’m curious about the other people.
  7. Photograph
    I’m currently looking for a DSLR camera because I really want one and I’m going to get lessons on how to use them from school. Beside that I actually really enjoy photographing especially animals or nature.
  8. Write another chapter of my story
    Remember that month where this was also a goal? Well ever since I haven’t written a single word… Why does writing require so much motivation. Like everything isi n my head, I have the time to write and the words to write but I just can’t get myself to write.
  9. Finish the Mortal Instruments serie
    Okay this is not a hard one, I already have the last book but I have to finish my current read first.I don’t want it to end tbh, luckily we still have Shadowhunters c:
  10. Go to bed earlier on weekdays
    I already go to bed pretty early compared to others, but I’m someone who needs at least 9 hours of sleep before I can be productive. Now last school year I went to bed later and later, time to fix that so thet I can at least get a full 8 hours of sleep.

Highlights of August.

Obviously this has to be my holiday to Tenerife! We did awesome things like a dolphin and whale tour,  we went swimming in Siam Park and Aqualand,  we saw the El Teide and way more! I’ll make two post about my holiday soon so hold on!



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