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Getting school ready

For us It’s only a couple of days (like 3 days) until school starts again. So this might be a bit late for a ‘Getting school ready’ kind of blog post but I’m making it anyway.

I’m not going to tell you what to buy because I assume you can pick out your own pencils. But this doesn’t mean I’m not going to show you a way to make your school notebooks a bit more fun. (Even though you can already buy notebooks with fun prints on them. Get your creative side working! Or purrsuade you cat to do it for you… See what I did there? And I’m not even embarrassed.)

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I bought some notebooks at Hema and I had some labels left from a couple years back.I got everything in a brown (paper kind of) color without any prints or writings on it. (Except the 10mm notebook but that is the only way to buy it. * I ended up not using the 10mm notebooks *)


This is what you’ll need for the fist DIY (I think I can call it that.)

  • Palette (or something to mix on)
  • Watercolor (I used tubes)
  • Cup of water
  • Paint brush
  • Old newspapers
  • Black marker
  • Round plate (Or a square plate if your have/prefer that)


For this DIY you have to mix the watercolor with some water. For light colors you use a lot of water and for dark colors just a bit. Don’t forget to put some newspapers between the cover and the rest of the papers so you won’t soak everything.
To get the dripping effect you can just blow on the wet paint so it will drip. Of course you can also use a hair dryer if you prefer that.
Lastly, draw a circle/square with a marker using a plate. Now, get creative!
Fill the circles with whatever you like. (You can see my result at the end of this post)

2016-08-03 07.19.59 1.jpg

In case you still have some paint left you can also do a splatter effect on some of the other notebooks. Again, don’t forget the newspaper between the cover and the rest of the papers.

2016-08-03 07.20.01 1.jpg


2016-08-03 07.21.29 2.jpg

For the next DIY you’ll need:

  • Old newspapers
  • Spray paint in whatever color you like (I choose for silver)
  • Lace (Buying lace can be expensive. So I bought this dress in Primark for only €3. This is way cheaper! I also choose for the biggest size they had so you have more fabric to work with.)
  • Scissor for fabric
  • Painters tape (Or any other tape that isn’t very sticky so it’s easy to remove)


Cut the lace in a big enough size you can easily wrap it around your notebook.
Wrap the lace around it and use tape to secure it on the back. This way you can only do one site at the time, if you want both sides to be decorated.
Don’t forget to put newspapers on the table that you’re working on. You also might want to do this outside because of the smell.
Follow the instructions on the spray paint can. This is usually something like: Shake before use, spray from one side to the other by starting just above the thing you’re painting and end just bellow, don’t keep the pressure on for too long, don’t keep the can in direct sunlight because it might explode, etc. etc.
When you think you covered every part of the cover, carefully take the lace of and let the paint dry.


2016-08-03 07.19.56 1.jpg

For the last DIY you’ll need:

  • A bag (Mine is from Primark)
  • A little stuffed animal
  • Some sewing stuff like a needle and threat in the same color as your stuffed animal. (To find our what color is the best: take on threat from your bobbing and hold this over the color of the stuffed animal. It’s easier to see if the colors match when it’s just one thread instead of a whole bobbin.


Sowing might not be your thing but let me tell you, it’s not that difficult.
First choose your needle and threat. Also think about where you want to place your stuffed animal. (I put mine on the right strap of the bag)
To get a knot at the end of your threat, just make the tips of your index finger and thumb wet (for grip), loop the threat around your index finger and hold it between your two fingers. Now roll your index finger over your thumb (toward your hand) so the loop around your finger will roll off. This way you’ll make a small knot.

Blanket stitch

To get a nice looking result we’ll use a stitch called ‘blanket stitch.’ I hope the picture might make it a bit clearer. But your basically sticking your needle through the surface and then taking you needle through the loop you just created. When you do this it makes a small knot. Continue this all the way over the paws of your stuffed animal.
When your at the end you can secure the threat by doing the same stitch in almost the same place a couple of times so that the knots will stay.

Add some labels to your notebooks and



I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial and if you end up making any of these things, please let me know!
Of course I would also love to know what your plans are upcoming school year.




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