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Party tips from a party noob

Hello everyone! I’ve got a rather unusual blog post for you today. The style is familiar: a top 10, but the fact that this comes from someone who doesn’t even go that often to parties makes it a little bit odd. In this post I’ll tell you some small details that I like at parties. Hope you’ll like it!

  1. First decide whether you want it to be inside or outside.
    In some countries this may be hard (for example the Netherlands) because of the changing weather so make sure you have a back-up plan if the weather is capable of destroying your plans! Indoor parties are nice and usually warm, you also don’t have to drag a bunch of stuff to your garden, but outside parties also have their pros. For example it won’t get too hot and people will get fresh air. If you have a big garden there will also be more space. It’s up to you!
  2. Make a playlist.
    And make it a long one. It’s better to have a playlist that is too long than a playlist that is to short causing you to play the DJ last minute. I recommend making it a mixture of all kind of music that is upbeat or you could ask the persons you have invited for some of their favourites songs. Want to really make the mood? Older songs like the ones from the nineties always do well. Just put in a few of them and everything will be fine!
  3. Light up the mood.
    Like literally, lights make a big part of the mood. Look up some D.I.Y’s on creative use of light! You can buy little lanterns or even use Christmas lights! Or you could use mason jars filled with candles! Plenty of ideas!
  4. Get creative with the food.
    Organising a party takes up a lot of time. You need to buy stuff, you need to prepare stuff like food. Instead of a bowl of chips try something new like small wraps or brownies. Time to get creative in the kitchen! People love food.
  5. Entertainment.
    Perhaps you don’t want to sit around and talk for the entire night. In that case you might want to get some extra stuff like a campfire or a karaoke game, dance game like Just Dance, old school games or if you’re into it beer pong (just don’t drink too much!)
  6. Get a theme
    Make it easy for your guest and especially your female guests on what to wear by getting a theme. This comes also very handy for your decorations and food style! You could think of 80’s, 90’s, safari, fantasy, movies, Halloween, everything is possible!
  7. Self-service bar.
    If you don’t want to play a waiter/waitress all night you could always set up a Self-service bar. Just place a table somewhere and put everything on there. Just make sure it’s not placed in a narrow space because many guests will go there at the same time! Now the only thing you need to do is give them something to drink upon arriving and then it’s no longer your business! I mean you also need time to party right ;) Don’t have that much money to spend? You could always ask your guest to bring something with them, just make sure that not everyone brings the same bag of crisps! You must also keep the people with a special diet because of allergies or anything like that happy, don’t forget them!
  8. Get enough seats!
    I mean yes sometimes people like to stand, but always make sure that every guest can have a seat whenever they want to! It’s no fun if you have to stand while everyone else can sit!
  9. Guest list
    I know this point basically needs a spot way higher, but it’s kind of obvious that you’ll need guests. Be in time to tell them when your party is so that they can make sure that day stays empty! Don’t invite too much people if the space is limited and if you do have a big space, you could always say bring a friend! This is a great way to get introduced to new people, but it’s your party so if you don’t want that, then it’s totally okay. Also as soon as you know the amount of people who will come, it will be easier to get enough food and drinks.
  10. Drunk proof everything
    If you are throwing a party and there will be alcohol, be prepared for the worst. Make sure that the rooms where you don’t want people are locked. If you think someone is getting to drunk you are allowed to stop them, this also counts for stopping them from driving. Set some rules like if you vomit it’s your task to clean it. Also remove stuff from the room like expensive statues or tablets and stuff like that.

Wow after writing this I really feel like throwing a party! I would have done it if the weather was better, because I prefer outside parties. I hope this list has helped you and of course I hope that you’ll have a lot of fun on the party! Also wow I used way too much exclamations marks in this post…Hehehe sorry not sorry. Have a nice day!



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