Looking back at July

I don’t know if any of you guys have noticed, but I didn’t post any monthly goals for the last two months. I have two reason for that:
1.  I totally failed my goals.
2. I got a better idea.
At the ending of every month I’ll make a gigantic blogpost about everything that has happened that month. I’ll give you monthly goals, tell you whether or whether not I succeeded in my previous goals, I’ll tell you all about the books I finished that month, about the movies I’ve watched, about stuff I have done this month, stuff I bought & way more! I hope you like it because here is the first month: July.

Things I’ve bought

2 Strapless Balconette Bra’s black and white || H&M Prague || 399,00,- CZK, €14,99,-
Striped top || New Yorker Prague || 199,00,- CZK, €6.95,-Tank Top || Gate Prague || 88,00 CZK, €5,89,-
Burgundy Tank Top || C&A Prague || 98,00,- CZK, €3,63-,
Glass souvenir || One of the many Souvenir shops in Prague || 199,00,- CZK, €7,36,-
Douche Gel || The Bodyshop Prague || 98,00,- CZK, €3,63,-
2 Canvasses || Action Netherlands || €2,18,-
Pen holder || Action Netherlands || €0,49,-
Pulse Bluetooth led speaker || €14,95,-

I also bought a bunch of school supplies but I have no idea what that costed me.

Music that has been on replay

Treat you better ~ Shawn Mendes
Wherever I go ~ OneRepublic
The Riddle ~ Nik Kershaw (Old but gold c:)

Book I’ve Finished

I’m a very slow reader, so the only book I have finished is the Summoning by Kelley Armstrong. I’ll post a review about it after I’ve finished the entire Trilogy! I’m currently halfway through the second book!

Movies I’ve Watched

Jungle book. I absolutely loved this move, it’s so pretty and basically Disney.
Minions. I hated them at first but was curious about the movie and it’s actually  kinda funny.
Allegiant. I really enjoyed this one!
The Huntsman: Winter’s War. At first I thought is this a modern Frozen? But it turned out very intense! I loved it!

Last month Goals

1. Keep up with the eye training. I did it 3 times, but that’s not enough.
2.Talk less loud. I haven’t heard ”You’re talking loud” in a while so???
3.Play a little more often on my keyboard.  There even is a pile of clothes on it now…
4. Write another chapter of my story. I did! It’s up on Wattpad: Hummingbirdx (it’s Dutch)
5. Go somewhere with the train. I did! I went to the 5SOS concert by train!
6. Actively join a Just Dance Monthly Tournament. The weather was too nice for gaming.
7. Finish redecorating my room. I was finished and then new ideas came..
8. Start the Monthly Movie night with friends. Unfortunately we were all very busy
9. Finish the drawing I started. It’s finished!!
10.Redo my Wreck this Journal.I did 2 pages and then realised I don’t like redoing stuff
As you can see, there is a lot of red. But it basically was a very busy period with massive tests and stuff. Fortunately summer holiday has begun so I’ve got seas of time!

August Goals

1. Finish decorating my room
The new ideas have to be added, especially adding plants to my room is a must do this month. Beside adding plants I really have to remove a table from my room because it’s useless and it takes up way to much room!
2.Keeping up with the eye training
My eyes are again becoming worse, so I really have to do this. By doing eye training my eyes will worsen less fast and I really need that because glasses are expensive and I can’t afford a new one every 1.5 year.
3. Get up to date with Pretty Little Liars
I’m currently at the beginning of season 6, and I watch one episode every day so I have to be able to get up to date right? However I will go on a holiday from 13 august to 28… Well we’ll see!
4. Graffiti art
A friend and I had a Graffiti Workshop in Prague and we both really loved it. To the point of hey I want to do this at home. No not illegally on buildings but on canvasses and we might even create a Etsy for it! Really looking forward to this.
5. Go to the beach at least once and SWIM
Okay I used to go to the beach every year (It’s like half an hour away on my bicycle) and swim. But last year the water was way too cold and the year before that I haven’t even been on the beach. I need to go to the beach and swim in the sea asap.
6. Buying stuff for water painting
I recently found out that I absolutely love making quotes on a watercolored paper. But it doesn’t look that good on normal paper, so I’ll need watercolor paper, and the quotes are written with an whiteboard marker which makes small lines impossible. Time for better stuff
7.Hangout outside again at least once
Last month I went with some friends to a football field at night. We basically played some football and listened to music and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I had to leave early because of work.
8. Start my driving lessons
Yes. I don’t even have the money but with a little bit of luck I can ask for an early birthday present from my parents and even if they say no, I can already start an pay in periods! Imagine all the places I can go with a car.
9. Geocaching!
I only found out about this a few weeks ago, but oh my gosh this seems so awesome! And with (hopefully) the better weather it’s an amazing thing to do outside!
10. Gotta catch them all
Okay I was never a big fan of Pokémon, but c’mon who doesn’t want to catch pokémons in the real world!? I still have to figure out how to download Pokémon go and then I’m ready to take very long walks to catch them all!

Highlights of this month

This month has had it’s ups and downs, from my cat, Kiara, having to be put down after a car incident to the official start of my summer holidays. I’ve been enjoying my free days even though I haven’t done that much. I mean I drew, but the highlight has to be the the two visits at the beach because I love the beach!

I hope you liked this blogpost! I decided to post this a little earlier than Saturday because otherwise it would be too late in my opinion. Hope you don’t mind! How was your month? Please tell me in the comments, I’m curious!


2 thoughts on “Looking back at July

  1. I really love this idea actually, I keep on remodeling my goal posts trying to find different ways to do them!! Ohh you reminded me that I really wanted to see “the huntsman” and that I have a watercolor painting I need to finish!!


    1. I’m glad you liked it! I really enjoy making these kind of post so I’m definitely going to continue this serie! I really do recommend the Huntsman!


      Liked by 1 person

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