Things to do

Things to do: Summer edition

Of course I’m not going to tell you to clean your room. It’s summer! Go outside or something.

No really. I hope that the weather is nice, wherever you life, and that it allows you to go outside and possibly explore.

So here are some Things to do: Summer edition.

Go on a bike ride.
Get your friends, a bike and a whole day off to explore. I doubt you’ve seen everything wherever you live. I have lived in the same city for 17 years now and

Tip: Take a camera with you. I did

I still haven’t seen everything.
But going farther than the place where you live might seem more like an adventure.
Get yourself some treats (try healthy things like fruit! Get yourself a bike (rent or borrow one of you don’t have your own)

I did this with my mum and we had so much fun. We ended up driving 43km and were away from home for about 6,5 hours! It’s very easy to track these kind of things by downloading a Geo Tracker app. This way can look back on where you’ve been, how long you’ve been away, how far you travelled, etc.

Try to wake up early. Maybe somewhere around 9 am. Get yourself a nice breakfast and just walk outside to feel. Is there a lot of wind? Maybe try another day for a bike ride. Wind is just going to make you horribly sweaty when you have to peddle through it. If it’s sunny but also really hot? Just apply sunscreen and also take a tube with you. And hot weather is even a better excuse to buy ice cream along the way. travel, tattoo, and compass afbeelding

Also. Pick a day when your not in a hurry. So you can just drive anywhere and don’t have to keep watching the time. And. Don’t plan your route. Just have a general direction (like west or north) and try whatever path you like.

A good thing about bike riding when the sun is shinning. Is that you’ll tan evenly. Don’t forget to sort of spread your fingers instead of keeping them curled up around the handles. Otherwise you’ll fingers look a little bit pallet than the rest. (I can tell from experience)

Read a book for a change. I honestly love sitting outside and reading a good book. Especially in summer it’s a way of enjoying the sun, possibly getting a tan, without getting bored.
Need some inspiration. Try reading Angelfall or check out my post on books I want to ready this summer. 



Go geocaching. 
If you don’t know what this is. Google can help you figure everything out.

Stay hydrated. large
When you’re busy and on the move, or sitting still and reading, it’s easy to forget to hydrate yourself. Make sure you have at least a bottle of water with you. Possibly remind people to bring there own bottles of water in case you’re going anywhere. (Also don’t forget sunscreen!)

Organize a Hunger Games water fight.
The whole point of this is to get as many people outside as you can. Get everyone to take some things with them like water balloons and water guns. (Make sure they are full) Put all of the water guns in a pile, hide some water balloons, make teams and get ready to run. Make sure all the teams are at a respectable distance from the cornucopia and start a countdown.
It’s not really about who wins but more about being outside and having fun.

Go on a picnic.
I’m deviantly going to make a post with good picnic ideas. Keep your eyes out for that!
Here it is: A heavenly picnic

Organize a photo shoot.

This is a part of our group of friends

Get a camera, some friends and go outside. Try whatever you like. Weird poses, sitting on the ground or upside down. It doesn’t matter.
Make sure everyone end up on at least a couple pictures. Even when some might not want to. get them in a group picture.

I hope you enjoyed this little post and possibly found some inspiration on things to do this summer. If you have any ideas of your own, please let me know in the comments.
Have yourself a merry little summer. (If that even makes sense)




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