Things to know

Pros of having thick thighs

First of all I want you to know that ALL healthy body types are amazing and perfect no matter if your thighs touch or not. As long as your body is healthy, your body is perfect!
I myself have thick thighs and I know they can be very annoying at times (Especially in summer when they brush against each other while walking) , but they can also be very handy and I’m going to list why they are below!

  1. Thick thighs make a perfect seat.
    Yess, there is enough room for animals, your girlfriend/boyfriend or your little sister/brother. Not only there is room, it’s also softer and lucky for you, you won’t feel a persons buttbones ;)
  2. Catching stuff
    How often did you drop your phone, but were able to catch them with your legs? For me it has saved my phone a few times. Because you know there is no gap where your phone can fall through it even causes a soft landing. Let’s thank our legs!
  3. Less risk for heart diseases
    Woah I did not know this, but according to the Oxford University fat around your organs are more dangerous than around bones like your thighs. According to the research , people with thicker thighs have less heart risks than people with thin thighs. The same study has proven that woman with bigger thighs have lower levels of cholesterol and are more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar.
  4. Booty
    Yep, thicker thighs usually mean a bigger booty. Now you can dislike that, but you can also view it as something good. I mean Kim Kardashian likes big booty and I”m sure she is not alone!
  5. Instant hand warmers
    Imagine the cold and windy winter and you’ve forgotten your gloves. Well you can’t forget your thighs so if you put them in between your legs you’re hands will immediately warm up & there’s room for two hands so who needs gloves!?
  6. Stronger legs
    With most thicker thighs also come stronger muscles (Well mine unfortunately aren’t that strong) and strong muscles are very important. Your endurance will be higher and strong thighs are a goal for many humans. That’s why most of us are squatting.
  7. More space for tattoos.
    If you’re into tattoos but have a millions of different designs that you would want, having thick thighs can come handy. There will be more surface for the tattoos!
  8. Someone will love them
    This goes out to all body types. Some people like skinny persons, others fat persons and I’m 100% sure that there will be persons who like thick thighs on this planet. Stop worrying about what other think, because no one has the same taste and the things that some dislike, will be likeable for others!
  9. Scaring people
    Are you also so done with people catcalling? Well Tumblr has given us the best response that will scare away those annoying cat-callers!
  10. They’re part of you
    You should be proud of your entire body no matter what it looks like! You created yourself in 9 months an proceeded to grow further. Isn’t that amazing? You started at the bottom and now we’re here!

I hope this makes you feel better about your thick thighs. And once again, all healthy body types are perfect! Embrace is, everyone is unique if we were all the same, the world would be a very boring place!




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