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10 Things to do/see in Prague

Hello everyone,
I’m sorry for not posting last Saturday but that was because I had 2 busy weeks: One filled with tests and in the second week I was at Prague! I basically returned this morning and would love to share some pictures and ideas with you guys! Hope you will enjoy it!

1. Wenceslas Square
IMG_0010After a bus trip from over 13 hours we first went to see the Wenceslas Square after we arrived. The sun was already setting and that provided a beautiful setting. The square is huge, which isn’t that surprising because it is the biggest square of Prague. The street slopes upward to the southeast side and at the top you can find the Museum. Unfortunately they were renovating it when we visited. The square looks very modern unlike some of the other squares. There are plenty of shops and places to eat. (We were boring and went to the McDonald’s, it was a long bus-trip okay) In the daytime there are also lots of artists, like graffiti painters, segway tours, giant bubble blowers. In short there is enough to see


2. Prague astronomical clock
20160704_220515_lls.jpgAfter our trip to the McDonald’s we immediately walked further to the Astronomical Clock. It’s located at Old town square which is obviously older than Wenceslas Square. The Astronomical clock is the oldest still operating astronomical clock. It was build in 1410. I really love the architecture. It kinda has these Steampunk vibes. Every full hour a bunch of people collect in front of the clock. However if you miss a full hour, you should not be very disappointed. I mean it is fun to see the clocks show, but it’s honestly not that interesting. I personally find the clock itself more interesting!



3. Charles Bridge2016-07-05-07.13.27-1.jpg.jpeg
I recommend visiting the bridge at evening and at day time. This bridge crosses the Vltava river. It used to be an important connection between Prague Castle and the old town. It’s a long bridge only for pedestrians and there are statues which you can stroke for luck. I didn’t because it was very crowded. Hopefully that won’t mean no luck for me! In the daytime it’s like a small market. There are artist all over the bridge and the can make some impressive realistic drawings. At night it’s a little less crowded and there will be lights on making it very cozy. A real must see if!


4. Prague Zoo
IMG_0070Prague zoo is a large zoo placed against a hill creating interesting animal enclosures. At the top of the hill you have a beautiful view over the city. It has many different types of animals. You can easily walk around all day over there also with kids because there are plenty of playgrounds. Unfortunately we only had about 4 hours.
There is a chairlift you can use after paying a small fee to get to the top of the park. Some parts are a bit steep so it’s a good solution. Prague Zoo is number 7 on the list of best zoos. They deserve it!


5. Cross Clubimg_20160707_145355.jpg
We went here to get a Graffiti workshop which was a lot of fun (Except for the woman calling mine ugly after I did not do it the way she wanted. Long story…) We later went to have dinner there and it’s a place I’ve never seen before! It’s basically a place where artist gather together. There are all decorations completely made out of car and motor parts! Very amazing, oh and they sell big and tasty burgers! I’d say take a look, you don’t see these kind of places often!


6. Petřín Lookout Tower
IMG_0216The Petřín Lookout Tower is also known as the ‘fake’ Eifell tower. Perfect if you want to see the Eiffel tower, but don’t want to go to France. Unfortunately Petřín Lookout Tower is smaller than the Eifell Tower, but it’s still worth the visit! It’s placed in a nice park, which is very relaxing and it’s on a hill. From the first floor you can already see Prague, but it’s more impressive from the top. Be careful though if you are arfraid of heights. The top moves a little and you can only get there with a spiral staircase. The view is stunning and totally worth it!


7. Křižíkova fontána
If you didn’t guess it already, KřižíkovIMG_0179a fontána is a fountain show. We watched a Disney version, but the have many different ones. The one after us, for example, was the Little Mermaid. It’s a show full of dancing, music and water dancing. I really recommend going when it’s dark, which we didn’t , because then you can actually see the lights which makes it more fairytale a like! Every show has a duration between 30 and 40 minutes!



8. Žižkov Television Tower
IMG_0237Yeah, it’s not the prettiest tower I’ve ever seen, but it surely is the highest one I’ve been in! The view again is stunning (like most places in Prague have a stunning view) You can have dinner in the tower or even rent a room, there is only one rook though) The food was delicious and it was very relaxing to eat at that height. Even with fear of heights! The elevator brings you up, in our case to 93 metres (4th floor), in a matter of time. It’s almost as if you’re looking at tv screens but no, it’s just a window!


9. Trdelnik
I still have no idea how to pronounce this so we basically said ”We’d like one with ice cream please.” At one of the many Trdelnik shops. This is food from heaven. Oh my goodness, it’s so delicious you really have to eat it! You can only order the Trdelnik (rolled dough around a stick, then it’s grilled and topped with sugar or cinnamon), you can get one with Nutella, you can get one with ice cream or even with ice cream and Nutella! Only thinking about eating them makes me hungry again!


10. Golden Lane
IMG_0190Golden Lane, is a small lane that could come right out of a Disney movie. It looks so cute! All the houses are a different color and they all have a different architecture. The lane is located at the Prague Castle. There are lots of souvenir shops ans small houses where you can see how they lived long ago. At the beginning of the street there is a small museum where you can see medieval armory  and at the end there is a tower: Dalibor Tower which used to be a Dungeon.

I definitely had a great time and there is so much more to see! I’m very glad that I can scratch Czech open on my world map. I would totally go back if I was given the opportunity! For me it’s not a place where I’d come very quickly so I’m very glad for choosing the trip to Prague. Hope you have fun if visiting!

Note: All pictures are mine except from the Trdelnik one, if it’s yours please tell me so that I can give you credit or put it of if that’s what you want!



4 thoughts on “10 Things to do/see in Prague

  1. My mom just came back from a work trip in Prague, I’m definitely going to ask her if she went to any of these places haha


  2. Great post with fantastic information! I really loved the astronomical clock too when I was in Prague. You can also actually climb up the clock tower and you get an incredible view of old town Prague!


    1. I’m glad you like it! And yeah I’ve heard so, unfortunately we didn’t get time for that but luckily there were plenty of other high places!

      Liked by 1 person

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