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More comments when you’re ‘sad’?


It’s very common to see ”Like my Thiscrush page” posts on Instagram. Especially on fandom accounts. Now recently there has been something that caught my eye: Do people who tell others that they’re sad/had a bad day get more comments? And no this does not only apply to Thiscrush Instagram posts. Out of curiousness I decided to test something.

In the evening of the seventh of June, I posted a simple picture with the caption: I’m going to edit now c: In the picture it already said that I’d like to hear from my followers. I kept the post up for about 24 hours. When I looked the next day there were no comments at all. Not on the post and not on my page. (except for one but that one was older)

I repeated the same thing the next day. Around the same time, same picture, but this time I changed the caption to: Please I’m kinda sad & would love some opinions while I edit! I immediately got comments on my page. Now i obviously know this might be a coincidence, but honestly I think it’s because of the ‘sad.’ Now the question remains: Why do we comment more on negative post?

The cause is probably human kindness. Not all of it is gone. People want to cheer up others. Especially when they know you share a fandom or a taste for example. When you’re all like ‘Oh I had such a great day!’ nobody will feel the need to cheer you up, meaning less comment. I think people who comment on both positive and negative posts are closer to you than the ones who only comment when you’re feeling down (or other way round because friends are also for cheering up c: ) Just one tip for everyone: If you really want to be the ultimate kind person, always comment. It shows that you’re interested enough to read a full caption. Obviously you don’t always have time to comment and stuff, but try to be an active follower, you could really make someone’s day good or even better than it already was!




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