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Things I did as a child

Not too long ago I was talking with some friend about ‘what we did as a child.’ This was the beginning of me thinking back and asking my mother about what other things I did. I think some are kind of hilarious and I didn’t even know I did that once.

  • Making it snow in our apartment
    I can’t remember that I did this but I do remember having a large imagination (I stillIMG_20150818_195357 have a large imagination) So one time when a friend of my mum was at our place and just drinking tea and talking with her. I grabbed a basket and some paper and just sat on the ground tearing the paper into small pieces and putting it into the basket. When I had enough I took my basket and started skipping around the apartment while throwing those little flakes of paper everywhere and saying “It’s snowing!” Like some creepy but happy child that likes snow. My mum told we she thought it was cute (even though she would have to clean everything) but her friend was just confused and didn’t understand why I would do that.


  • Don’t touch the lava
    I’ve heard that more children do this and I just wanted to point out that I also used to do this. Just running around and climbing from the table to the couch and back. I think I even tried to ‘save’ our cat once.


  • Building a house out of sugar cubes
    When I stayed at my grandparents in the weekend I decided it would be cool to build a house out of sugar cubes. I actually tried this multiple times. The first time I wasn’t finished building it but I had to go to sleep. So the next morning when I was ready to continue… It had collapsed. The glue made the sugar soft so it fell apart pretty easily.
    Of course you don’t stop after that, I wanted to try it again. So the same day I had gotten myself a new box of sugar cubes and started building again. After diner I had to return home but my grandparents told me they would keep the house save so I could continue for the next weekend. So next weekend, I went up to my room and found a weird looking house thing where half of it had fallen down. I didn’t really understand at first because I used less glue. But turns out, the dog had started licking it… I thing I stopped trying after that.


  • Eating sugar cubes
    My mum used to work in a retirement home and I was aloud to ‘help.’ Really all I did was walk next to the coffee and tea cart and whenever my mum went into a room to ask what the person wanted to drink, I would put a sugar cube in my mouth. It became a game for me so I wouldn’t talk and try not to let my mum notice. (I didn’t do this all the time) I don’t really know the exact reason WHY I did this… But I thought it was funny and I think my mum thought so too. Sometimes she would ask me, while smiling, if I was a horse.


  • Reading labels
    I didn’t know I did this but my mother told me I would just sit down somewhere with some stuffed animals and start ‘reading’ the washing instructions


  • Surgery on stuffed animals
    When one of my stuffed animals had a hole in them the would have to go through surgery. And not just my mum making them and that’s it, No. I would be the assistant and she was the doctor. She would ask me what she needed and I would give that to her. Also , before we started surgery, we would put a plastic cup over the nose of the stuffed animal so it would be anaesthetized.


  • Reading booksCorbis-42-16473951.jpg
    Before I could even read you could say I liked books. My mum always had some historical novel laying around and I would just grab those and ‘read’ them. And not actually page by page but just flip through it a couple times and then put it away.


I hoped you liked ready through “Things I did as a kid” and I would like to know if you did any things that you think are funny or just plain weird. Please tell me in the comments bellow.
Have a nice day/week/month/year/life. (maybe going a bit too far with this)




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