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Life Hacks

Admit it, humans are quite lazy. Getting up and going to the store is a pretty hard task (even though the stores are basically around the corner for some of us) But because of this laziness and by things that annoy our kind has came up with something very creative: Life hacks.

Life hacks are basically things to make your life easier with. They’re usually smal D.I.Y project with stuff that uou can find in your home already. I made a list of 10 life hacks that I find pretty usefull!

  1. Use bread clips to save flip-flops with split holes.
    Summer is coming and what does that mean? Broken flip-flops. Yeah, they always break on the most unlogical places, like in the store or somewehre far from home. Therefore it’sd a great idea to keep a breadclip with you all the time. You can use them for keeping your flip flop band in place!
  2. Put a stocking over the end of a vacuum cleaner to find small objects like earrings.
    Lost your favourite earring somewhere in around your couch or somwhere else? Put a stocking over the edge of your vacuum cleaner, go around in the area where you’ve lost the object and now you can find it without sucking it up!
  3. Never lose your remotes againBecause they somehow always get lost..
  4. Do something unuasual when locking the door before a long trip to remember that you’ve definitely locked it.
    I always seem to forget that I locked the door when I go away from home. It causes quite a lot of strees and in the end it’s usually all for nothing therefore I’m definitely gonna try this!
  5. Place an empty box on your desk if you have a cat who likes to sit on top of everything.
    Cats love boxes and we love being able to work without cats in our way. I mean it’s okay if they’re on your lap but I guess the keyboard lies more comfortable. But chances are that the cat will prefer the box over your keyboard/homework.
  6. imageTrust me, it’s not easy to get a bag when it’s intertwined with your ankle. I use this on rollercoaster where you have to bring your backpack on the ride and up to this day I have never lost my backpack.
  7. Blow some air in when filling up waterballoons. It will make it pop more easily instead of just bouncing off.
    Are you also tired of waterballoon fights without anyone becoming wet because the balloons won’t pop? Well this might help! Atleast I hope so, I’m definitely going to try it this summer.
  8. Buy bananas in various degrees of ripeness-that way, you’ll have a ripe one everyday!
  9. 1000 Life Hacks:
  10. As soon as you feel the itch of a mosquito bite, rub a gluestick on it. The itch will go away within 15 minutes and won’t return!
    As someone who’s allergic for mosquito bites, this is definitely something that might come handy. Howerver I’m not sure wether or wether not this will work. But I’ll try this on the first mosquito bite of the year!

These were 10 Life Hacks. I hope you can do something with these and that they’ll make your life easier!



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