Monthly Goals #2 May

Last month I introduced something (to me) new. Time really flies as it feels like last week when I wrote my first Monthly goals, but no a entire month has passed… Also I’m thinking about making this a Sunday special instead of posting it on a Saturday as usual. The reason why? Otherwise the posts will be like: Goals – post – post- Goals and 2 posts in between is not that much and besides I also want to be able to write about other things! Anyway back to the goals but first let’s take a look at what I have accomplished.

  • Write my first trip report
  • Photo shoot with friends (Upcoming week!)
  • Get a job
  • Clean my room completely
  • Write another chapter of my story (Only wrote about 200 words Oops)
  • Play a little more often on my keyboard (Did not touch my keyboard at all…)
  • Start with my tan
  • Talk less loud
  • Keep up with the eye training (Didn’t do the training at all..)
  • Create D.I.Y decorations

Well it’s a good start right? Out of the 10 goals I finished 6. Okay maybe not such a good start after all.. I had a busy month, but there are more months which means more chances! Onto the next month goals! Obviously the first 4 goals will be the goals I failed last month.

5. Go somewhere with the train
A few times every year the NS (Dutch trains) gives away free tickets to join someone in the train, without payment! I got mine and I can use it till the end of May and obviously I want to use it! Beside that I got a job, so that means a little more money every month haha!

6. Actively join a Just Dance Monthly Tournament
I have a PlayStation 3 with Just Dance 2016 and the game organises monthly Tournaments. I joined one every month (except April) but you obviously can’t win by playing it only one day. Therefore I want to try to win the tournament :)

7. Finish redecorating my room
Last month I cleaned my room and made some D.I.Y’s but one is not finished yet. I’d like to finish it upcoming month because I want to get rid of the emptiness in my room. The D.I..Y I’m talking about is light bulbs filled with plants. I need some green stuff in my room. One fake flower does not count!

8.Start the Monthly movie night with friends
Starting up a movie night is something we’ve talked about quite a lot, but it has never happened yet. Time to change that, there has been enough procrastinating. Okay the fact that all of us like different movies is kinda hard but still.

9. Finish the drawing I started long ago
I have had a drawing block for a very long time now and it’s time to get it away, I want to finish my drawing even though it kinda looked like shit, maybe it’ll turn out better but one thing is clear: It’s time to get creative!

10.Redo my Wreck This Journal in a more creative way
I always see these amazing WTJ pictures. They really make me jealous because I’m far from creative. I wish I was as creative as those artist, but perhaps with a little bit much inspiration I might create something awesome as well?

Hopefully this list has given you a little inspiration or something like that. It certainly made me excited and hopefully this list will turn out better than the last one. See you next time!



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