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Walibi trip report

April 3rd, it was finally time for our trip to Walibi, a Dutch theme park. They recently build a new coaster, and us theme park addicts, really wanted to test it. Therefore we had to get up at 6 am to get ready for a day full of coaster violence, but honestly it was worth it.

For those who are not familiar with Walibi; Walibi is a theme park located at Biddinghuizen in the Netherlands. Walibi used to be a six flags park, but it changed its name a long time ago to Walibi. The park has a horrible slogan: #hardgaan or it English #goingfast and uses weird ‘teenage’ slangs…  Apart from that it’s an amazing place to be if you like roller coasters!


Back to our day! We arrived around 10 am and the park had just opened. The sky was pretty much clouded even though there was sun predicted. It had also rained that morning, but we’re not made of sugar over here! We decided to immediately go to the new rollercoaster called Lost Gravity. There already was a small queue but we could handle that. The queue was slightly decorated with upside down things, hence the name Lost Gravity. One part of the queue was in a container, which was pretty small. We went back later that day when the sun was shining brightly and it was a freaking sauna in there. In my opinion they didn’t really think that through and what about the claustrophobic people? Anyway back to the ride. It was freaking scary. I sat on the left side and there was nothing underneath me. In the first drop I basically had a free fall due the turn it made! It was very scary but also fun at the same time.

Next ride: Robin Hood, a wooden rollercoaster. We waited for 15 minutes and it was worth it. Oh my god what an amazing ride. It was so much fun! The airtime, the height, the length. It is a very basic ride but I always tend to love those the most. There also was a picture taken aboard and we always try to make a random picture, so all of us were in position, the picture was taken and at the end of the ride we ran towards the photo booth to find out it was closed. Well then… Onto the next ride!

20160403_114751[1]We walked the same path back but this time looked at the other rides on that path. There was a castle build at the small lake and we decided that would be our third ride. I already knew what it was and explained it in the most Dutch way: It’s like Villa Volta (at Efteling) but not as good. For the non dutchies: Villa Volta is a madhouse (a house that spins and all. You take place on a bench and the room start spinning and stuff it’s very mind fucking) in the Efteling. I personally find Villa Volta one of the best madhouses, but the one at Walibi: Merlin’s magic castle really impressed me. In my memory it wasn’t that good but when we walked out all I could think of was: This one is actually better than Villa Volta. The story was kinda cheesy: about a wizard who invites you to take place in his new experiment: A spinning room. His owl comments something like, is that all you’ve got? when Merlin makes the room stand upside down, which makes Merlin angry. So angry that he makes the room spin (Spoiler: You don’t actually spin it only makes you think you do!)  Anyway it is a fun ride for the whole family, unless you become dizzy or nauseous easily.

waterbaanThe sun has found his way through the clouds and it stated to become warmer and warmer. The weather forecast said it would be 18 degrees that day so we were kinda disappointed to see rain in the morning. But the disappointment disappeared very quickly. Because of the rising temperature we decided to go on a water ride: A wild water raft to be exactly. The queue was very short so we almost could immediately take a seat. It was pretty relaxing honestly. Just going up and down on the waves, sometimes with some water into the ride vehicle but it was fun. We didn’t get out of it soaked which was actually nice but some of our pants did got wet causing Lisanne to shout: Your water has broken! Needless to say that was a snapchat worthy caption.

Stuck with wet pants we decided to dry up a little in another rollercoaster: El condor, a hanging one. We rode the exact same track in another theme park so it was nothing new for any of us. After many loops we got back a little dizzy. So dizzy we decided to go on something even dizzier. Well I did, because I used to love the ride as a kid. I can’t say the same about it right now. Los Sombreros is a Mexican themed polyp. The queue was empty, It was just us: 6 teens aged around 16&17 later one girl joined us: A small child about 12 years old. Yep and guess who felt horrible after the ride?

20160403_152434[1]We slowly walked on to the next ride, some of us wanted to ride the Goliath, the park tallest coaster. I was doubting whether or whether not to go. After actually seeing the height (41 meters or something like that) I decided to stay behind with another friend. Nope that ride was too tall for me. The rest of the group loved the ride, we loved sitting in the sun. The weather forecast was right and the temperature had risen to a temperature of 18 degrees. It was hot when there was no wind. Therefore the next ride was easy to pick: The Crazy River a splash! Again the queue was short and in no time we got aboard. Almost immediately you get up on the lift hill to be changed position on the top, making the first splash to be backwards! Later on you get twisted again, another splash and then comes the highest one. We all really loved it and went on it multiple times, trying different photo positions.

Now there’s only two big rides left: The Speed of Sound and Xpress: Platform 13. We decided to go on the Speed of Sound first but unfortunately that one wasn’t open. We sat down for a while to eat something in front of an interactive fountain and it was a great entertainment. Several childs were splashing the fountain and at one point the fountain said: My name is (I forgot his name woops) What is your name? And before the kids could answer the fountain answered wet! Followed by a massive water jet in their face, it was hilarious!

After we had eaten something we went on to the last big ride: Xpress Platform 13. The Xpress had recently a queue and theme refurbishment. Instead of a basic queue it was now themed as a haunted metro platform. The special effects were awesome, but some parts were very hot and small, again awful for people with claustrophobia. The ride was okay. You got launched but afterwards it was just finishing the track not very special. It’s the same track as Rock ‘N Rollercoaster but this one was outside. I like the Disney version more.

Shortly said: we had a great day. I hope you liked this report and perhaps Walibi is somthing for you? It’s mostly known for it roller coasters but it also has some smaller rides. If you only go to themepark for the theming then Walibi isn’t the right park but otherwise I’d recommend it!

Love, Sharon


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