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What I would do with one million

The big “What if…” question. Or maybe not that big.
But whosingle-taken-money-Quotes doesn’t think about what to do with one million! And no, not one million turtles or books (although that would be awesome…) No I mean one million euros.

So here you go. What I would do with one million. (or more. Because we are human)


  • Take my family and friends out to diner.
    I just thought this would be a nice thing to do and a good way to celebrate. Although I would take them out separately because it might be a bit awkward otherwise.



  • Go on a road trip with my friends in America or Australia. (Or somewhere else)
    To me, going on a road trip sounds so much fun. Visiting other country s and getting to know the world. I wouldn’t mind starting with the Netherlands to be honest, there are a lot of things I haven’t seen here either. Rent one of those hippy buses (because they look cool, right?) Or maybe an older American kind school bus that you see in the movies and then rebuild the inside.


  • Pay for school/college (and maybe for my brothers and friends too)
    School is expensive as f*ck and this is probably what would stop you from going to the school of your choice. I would love to help my brothers and friends with this so then can really go to the school they want. This doesn’t mean I’ll pay EVERYTHING for them. Because in some ways I will still be like Uncle Scrooge.


  • Publish my own book.
    This is something I would probably need some help with because I’m not the best at writing. (Or sticking to writing) But being able to publish your own book and have it in your hand and just have this amazing book smell coming off of it. That is just a dream come true.


  • Collect things like toys and stuffed animals to give to people in poverty.
    My mothers colleague goes to Ethiopia every couple years to build toilets, water wells and give the children something of their own. I’ve heard a story when I gave some stuffed animals to her and it was so cute. She gave a stuffed seal to a little girl who couldn’t believe that it was only for her and she didn’t have to share it with anyone. To me this sounds like a good thing to do. Giving to charity can also be good but I’ve heard a lot of things that most of the money you give doesn’t even reach the people that need it. Most of it just goes to the advertising and the people behind it. (This is probably not true for ALL the charity s)


What about you, what would you do with one million? I would love to hear about it in the comments bellow.




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