Monthly Goals #1: April

Time really flies, it feels like yesterday when we entered 2016 but in fact it’s already 3 months ago! In 9 months the next year will be in front of the door! Imagine;  someone could get pregnant in that time… Anyway if I look back at January, February and March I feel like I haven’t accomplished a lot. Mainly because I was sick for a long time. Therefore I have decided to make a list of things to do in the upcoming month! At the end I’ll discuss what I have accomplished and what not. It gives me some inspiration and perhaps it gives you some inspiration as well! So this is kinda a new year new me, but 3 months late. Better late than never right? Lets start!

  1. Write my first trip report.
    Tomorrow I’ll be spending my day in Walibi Holland and I’ve wanted to write a trip report for so long, I almost did when I got back from Disneyland, but for some reason I quit half way through it. This will be my second change!
  2. Photo shoot with friends
    Spring has finally arrived; meaning taking pictures outside will be way more comfortable than it did 3 months ago. (Taking pictures without a coat on in the rain isn’t that much fun, however in the summer…) I still need some good pictures for casting agencies and what is more fun than taking pictures with friends?
  3. Get a job.
    It’s already half a year ago that I quit my job, so that I could work somewhere closer to my home. (Shouldn’t have done that) In the mean time I also quit at the closer job because it wasn’t my place. Ever since I have been searching, applying and stuff but I still don’t have a job. This month has to change that!
  4. Clean my room: completely
    Is it me or am I always cleaning my room? Okay well not cleaning but it always needs to be done! My room seems to only stay clean for one day. The next day it’s a mess again. But I gotta do it again, beside that I want to finally hang up my World scratch map but I still need to figure out how… The thing keeps falling down! Beside that I want to get rid of some old posters, hang up a new quote on my wall and remove the ugly flags…
  5. Write another chapter of my story
    Is it only me? I always want to write at points where I am unable to write like at school, but as soon as I return home I don’t feel like writing any more. Therefore it is taking me ages to finish up a story. If I even finish it because that doesn’t happen a lot.
  6. Play a little more often on my keyboard
    Did you ever want something so badly and then when you finally got it you overused it in the first 3 months and after those months you barely touched it? Well I have that with my keyboard. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing the keyboard it’s just that I don’t have enough patience and talent. Like I always start a song and it becomes harder and harder and then I just don’t feel like playing any more!
  7. Start with my tan
    The sun is coming back and I gotta profit of that. Most people work on their summer body, but I’ll be working on my summer tan since it takes years for me to upgrade from milk bottle to slightly less milk bottle.
  8. Talk less loud
    I don’t know why or how, but I don’t realise it when I’m talking very loud or even screaming. I just don’t hear it for some reason, but it is time to focus a little more on that. Not everyone has to hear the thing I’m telling my friends.
  9. Keep up with the eye training
    I have glasses and my eyes seem to become worse and worse. Now there is this thing called eye training, where you basically train the muscles in your eye to improve your eyesight. Obviously this doesn’t happen in an eye blink. I managed to do it 3 times in a month and that is far from enough so therefore this is point 9 on my list!
  10. Create D.I.Y decorations.
    Is it because I have to buy stuff or is it because I’m too lazy? You tell me but I have a list of D.I.Y’s who have been in the same list for over months. Perhaps it’s time to shorten that list and actually produce the D.I.Y’s!

This is my monthly list! Lets see if I’m capable of fullfilling these task! Are you creating a monthly list as well? Comment down below what your goals are, I’m very curious!



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