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Why you think your voice is horrible

Do you always cringe when you hear your voice back on a recording? Why does our voice always sound so much better in our heads? Well you’re not the only one who hates their own voice, but what if I told you there is a explanation?

Let’s start off with an explanation of sounds. All the sounds that you hear, for example music and cars passing by, are sound waves. Sound waves are basically a wave of pressure moving through the air. They get into your ear and make your ear drum vibrate, those vibrations are translated into signals that will go to your brains. That’s basically how you’re hearing sounds. But why does our own voice sounds so different to the voice that we hear in our head?


Like I said before there is an logical explanation. When you speak you create sound vibrations which you will hear with your ears, but beside that sounds also travel from your vocal chords directly to the cochlea therefore the voice you hear when you speak is a combination of both sounds. The voice you hear on a recording misses one of the vibrations.

Unfortunately the recorded voice you hear is the voice others hear. Don’t worry though we judge ourselves quite harshly, that has to do with the shock that comes with the realisation of your real voice. Your voice sounds very normal to others who hear it everyday! Don’t put yourself down because of your voice it’s only odd for yourself.



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