Things to know

Shopping struggles

Shopping can be fun for some and488a747df7907225442a5400e29688ae a nightmare for others.
And I’m just here to point out the obvious.

1. Don’t buy it when your not sure.
Ask yourself the question ‘am I really going to wear this?” Is this answer no? Then don’t buy it! It’s better to buy something you’re actually going to wear instead of wasting your money on clothes that will just catch dust in your closet.

2. Try something new!
There are so many different styles and items of clothing and they are right in front of you! (Most of the time) so why not give them a try? This is a good way to find out what you like and what looks good on you.

3. Listen to your friends advise. But don’t let them change your opinion.
It’s always good to ask what people think of your outfit when shopping. But don’t let them change your opinion. If you like that shirt but your friends aren’t really sure. Why not buy it?

4. Buy what you’re comfortable with!
If you don’t feel comfortable in the outfit, don’t buy it. Feeling uncomfortable isn’t a nice feeling and this is why you should only buy and wear things that you are comfortable with.

5. Visualize!
Try to imagine yourself wearing it. You can’t? Then or you shouldn’t buy it or you just have don’t have enough imagination.

6. Don’t be afraid to order online.
Maybe you’re scared or just to lazy to order online. Because what if it doesn’t fit? Then you’ll have to send it back. (This is where my laziness kicks it) But there is also an upside to online shopping. You don’t have to go to the outernet! A good tip is to look at the reviews from the website to see if you can trust it and if the quality is good. Another think to check out is how much it would cost to send it back. And if this is to much then it would depend on the price of what you want to buy. And if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit, maybe a friend wants to buy it (or you can give it as a gift or something)

7. Life is too short!
You hear this a lot. If there is something your not sure if you like it or what to wear with it. Just go for it! You have a full closed at home and there must be something that matches.

I understand that these are obvious but sometimes we are blind to the obvious. In case you want to ad something or give advise yourself, there is enough place to do so in the comments bellow.




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