My summer bucket list

Because there are so many things I want to do this summer I why not list the things I can think of and maybe later look back on what I actually managed to do.
So here you go, my summer bucket list. (In no particular order)


  • Donate my hair
    I would really like to be able to give something back so someone. First I thought about donating blood (I’m not afraid of needles anyway) but I quickly found out you can’t do that until you’re 18. So for that I’ll probably have to wait until 2017. So I thought “Why not donate my hair?” I asked around and here they want your hair to be at least 28 cm. So at least 28 cm will be cut off of my hair. That’s kind of scary to me but I think I can manage. I want to wait until the beginning of the summer so my hair will be a bit longer (So it can be cut off around my shoulders) And to be honest… I’m nervous but also pretty exited. Even though not everyone is so exited about my idea. (And with that I mean some of my friends)
  • Go to the beach
    I used to dislike the beach but now… I kind of like it. Which is because of the last time I went to the beach with some of my friends. It probably the first really warm day of the year and to me lying in the sun for long was way to hot. And in that moment I actually liked the water, it wasn’t very cold so that was a plus. So I would like to find out if my opinion changed over the year.
  • Go to the pool
    We’re sort of continuing in the activity s that involve water. To be honest I prefer indoor pools but maybe I’ll try something different. There is a pretty good “outside pool,” that I didn’t really like because the water is always freezing. (Or maybe that’s just me) So I would like to give that a try, maybe my opinion will change.
  • Visit a Themepark
    Maybe I can call this out group ‘thing.’ Because we really like to go to Theme-parks. We’ve already been to Phantasialand, Disneyland Paris, Efteling and some more. And I think we’ll probably go to more.
  • Have a photoshoot
    This is a fun way to spend your free day IMG_0113 (2)and get your camera out. Good opportunity to mess with the settings, get some fresh air and some new profile pictures. We would really like to do a photoshoot in the forest or the dunes. And I think we could actually do that. (If we manage to pick a date when we can all come and when the weather is good)
  • Go canoeing
    One of my friends said she knows somewhere we can do this and I think we’ve been wanting to do this for a while already.
  •  Laser gaming!
    There is a place close where we could go and it sounds really fun. (Maybe more fun then getting hurt with paintball)
  •  Beach party or festival
    I don’t think we have figured out what ‘kind’ of people we are. The ‘Hanging around in a Bar’ type or ‘The festival’ type or maybe the ‘We are to school for cool’ type. So going to a festival or beach party is a good way to test those out. Find out what we like and maybe go to more in the future. We’ll just have to do some research to find somewhere we can actually go to. (None of us have our driving licence yet, too young or starting to learn)
  •  Water balloon fight
    This can be done in someone s back garden but we were thinking of something more like… in a park. No need to run around in your bikini with everyone looking, we would just want to get a bigger group together to make a Hunger Games kind of water balloon fight. (We’ve tried this with a small group, which was fun, but we would like to try with a bigger group)
  • Go on a holiday with my family
    Spending my summer with friends sounds a lot of fun but I think spending time with your family is also important. This year will be the first time that we’ll go somewhere far. Like… with a plane! I’ve been on a plane before but that was a couple years ago. The other holiday that I’ve had were all in the Netherlands on some sort of camping. And to be completely honest.. I think I’m actually going to miss that. Being outdoors almost all the time, being forced to spent most of your time with your family and having a louts of time to read books, outside of course. (And possibly looking at some cute guys. If you know what I mean)


What are you planning for the summer? Or what are the things you did last summer that we would definitely want to try? Or things you tried that you think everyone should try? Please tell us in the comments bellow and we’ll love to see if you have any great ideas/experiences or maybe you got some inspiration from this list.

We wish you all an amazing time! And don’t forget to log off of the internet sometimes. The outernet is not THAT scary…. I think.




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